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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

ZlatanIbrahimovic (Reuters)

AC Milan has been riding high atop Serie A for most of the regular season, but can finally officially lift the Scudetto today with a win against AS Roma.

Milan is seven points clear of second-place Inter Milan, meaning a win or Inter Milan tie or loss will snap Inter's streak of five straight Serie A titles. Even a Milan draw could be enough to give the club its first title since 2004.

In England, Tim Howard and Everton will look to knock off Manchester City for the second time this season, which would keep City from clinching a UEFA Champions League berth.

If you will be watching either these matches, or any of the other soccer action on TV today, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV Schedule is after the jump):


7:45am- Fox Soccer Plus– Queens Park Rangers vs. Leeds

9:30am-– St. Pauli vs. Bayern Munich

9:30am- GolTV– Werder Bremen vs. Borussia Dortmund

9:30am-– Schalke 04 vs. Mainz 05

10am- Fox Soccer Channel– Everton vs. Manchester City

10am- Fox Soccer Plus– Aston Villa vs. Wigan Athletic

10am-– Bolton vs. Sunderland

10am-– Newcastle vs. Birmingham City

10am- ESPN2– West Ham United vs. Blackburn

Noon- DirecTV– Getafe vs. Almeria

Noon- GolTV– Valencia vs. Real Sociedad

Noon- DirecTV– Sporting Gijon vs. Deportivo La Coruna

Noon-– Hercules vs. Racing Santander

Noon- Fox Soccer Plus– Palermo vs. AS Bari

12:30pm- Fox Soccer Channel– Tottenham vs. Blackpool

1pm-– Arles vs. St. Etienne

1pm-– Auxerre vs. Montpellier– Bordeaux vs. Sochaux– Brest vs. Nice– Caen vs. Lens– Monaco vs. Paris St. Germain– Lorient vs. Toulouse

2pm- GolTV– Atletico Madrid vs. Malaga

2:45pm- Fox Soccer Channel- AS Roma vs. AC Milan

2:55pm-– Nancy vs. Lille

4pm- GolTV– Sevilla vs. Real Madrid

4pm- Telefutura– Real Salt Lake vs. Chivas USA

4pm- Fox Soccer Plus– Bolton vs. Sunderland (Delayed)

5pm- Fox Soccer Channel– Newcastle vs. Birmingham  (Delayed)

7pm- Direct Kick– Toronto FC vs. Houston Dynamo

7:20pm- GolTV– Deportivo Cali vs. America de Cali

7:30pm- Direct Kick– New England Revolution vs. Colorado Rapids

7:30pm- Direct Kick– D.C. United vs. FC Dallas

7:30pm- Direct Kick– Columbus Crew vs. Seattle Sounders

8pm- Telemundo– Tigres UANL vs. Chivas Guadalajara

8:30pm- Direct Kick– Chicago Fire vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

9:30pm- GolTV– Deportes Tolima vs. Nacional de Medellin

10pm- Telefutura– Atlante vs. Cruz Azul

11pm- ESPN2– Los Angeles Galaxy vs. New York Red Bulls



  1. Well, crap. I’m sure the players for Milan are fine gents, but the fact that that scum Silvio Berlusconi owns AC Milan means that they’re even easier to root against than ManU and Real Madrid, and that’s saying something!


    Seriously though, I’m not a RSL fan so I don’t know where he is in the pecking order. Hopefully he can sneak in some minutes till Morales makes it back

  3. cuz the ref was horrible. if someone was fouled he wouldn’t call it, if someone deserved a yellow he’d only call a foul and if someone deserved a red he’d give them a yellow.

  4. wow, if that isnt the epitome of apples and oranges, i dont know what is. its a soccer game for crying out loud, not a murder. good one!

  5. Well the initial reaction by many on this board, Twitter, and other social media outlets, was something along the lines of “Mondiani should be suspended as much if not more then Mullan” so on and so forth. Lets everyone relax. Maybe “psycho” wasnt the best word to use, but lets not focus on one word out of my entire point and lose the context behind what was really said. Fair?

  6. Next time I decided to shoot someone, I’ll just tell the judge that I was so, so sorry right after I pulled the trigger.

    Maybe that will get me off!

  7. if that were the case, then why did he originally get a yellow, then once the extent of the injury was recognized did he get a red?

  8. This league is a joke.

    It’s not even worth watching anymore. All of the good players have left the league unless you are LA/NY.

  9. Not that RSL are sitting back, but how many times do we see a horrific injury in a game and neither team really has that spark anymore? Can be up a man or two but you don’t really want to play anymore. And you definitely don’t want to be on the receiving end of the next tackle.

  10. RSL are so predictable now. High cross in the box, high cross in the box, high cross in the boz……if thats all they’re gonna do Chivas USA has got themselves a point.

  11. I’m sure he is sorry…but that doesn’t cut it after what he did…could have ended Morales carrer…

    We all agree this ref is horrible…should have been a straight red from the get-go….regardless of injury…horrible tackle from behind….he blew it however, he at least made it right…injury or not….

    The suspension is based on the injury (as it is in the NHL etc.)…just as it was in Seattle…as it should be…had he not broken any bones it would still have been a red in my opinion….

    Until this league takes a stance this is not going to change…maybe if a player of Beckham or Henery’s (God forbid) stature goes down they will….

    You lose any argument with me by refering to others as ‘psychos’….uncalled for and shows the kind of person you are…

  12. intent counts though mullan seemed to have intent, the result of both though were awful and i’d say six games is fair.

  13. If Morales came out without a scratch it should still be a severe suspension. The idiotic tackle is the offense, not the injury that it creates, and that’s what needs to be removed from the game.

  14. Exactly. There is a ton of luck involved in what kind and how bad the injury is, or if the dangerous play even results in injury.

    But the best reason for a longer suspension is that I’m now scared to watch MLS. I was also watching the Zakuani game live, and I’m traumatized.


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