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Friday Ticker: Arsenal rejects latest Cesc bid, Ganso eyes Milan and more

Cesc Fabregas 1 (Getty Images)


Barcelona has long flirted with the idea of acquiring midfielder Cesc Fabregas, but the Spanish club will have to increase its offer if it wishes to pry him away from Arsenal.

Barcelona had a $42.6 million bid for Fabregas rejected by Arsenal, which reporedly wants at least $70.4 million for its captain. Arsenal was surprised by Barcelona's bid, as it was lower than the one that was rejected last summer. 

Fabregas' current contract runs until 2015, but Barcelona president Sandro Rosell said the club will not be offering anything more than $56.8 million as it feels Fabregas' value is decreasing with his contract nearing its expiration.

Here are more stories from around the soccer world:

Ganso wants to join AC Milan

Santos midfielder Ganso may be linked with several European clubs, but he already has his preferred destination. Ganso said he would like to join AC Milan in January, after he gets a chance to beat Leo Messi in the FIFA Clup World Cup. Ganso will get a chance to play in the December tournament should he stick with Santos until then, as the club earned a berth by winning the Copa Libertadores on Wednesday.

Marshall dies in car accident in Costa Rica

Just five days after scoring his first international goal for Costa Rica in a Gold Cup quaterfinal match against Honduras, Dennis Marshall was killed in a car accident in his native country on Thursday. The 25-year-old defender, who played for Aalborg BK in Denmark, and his girlfriend were said to be killed after a head-on crash with a truck on a mountain road.

Gasperini selected as Inter manager

Inter Milan has ended its search for a new manager, choosing former Genoa coach Gian Piero Gasperini on Friday. Gasperini is expected to sign a two-year deal with the club as soon as some formalities are taken care of. Gasperini will replace Leonardo, who guided Inter to a second-place finish this past season.

Igwe joins SV Babelsberg 03

Former New England Revolution defender Amaechi Igwe has left FC Ingolstadt 04 and joined SV Babelsberg 03 in Germany's third division (3rd Liga). Igwe signed with Babelsberg on a free transfer after enduring a serious knee injury that forced him to miss much of Ingolstadt's campaign last season.


What do you think of Arsenal rejecting Barcelona's bid? Expecting Gasperini to lead Inter back to first place? Should Igwe have returned to MLS rather than sign with Babelsberg?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. i prefered thiago than fabregas, if they refuses to sell him we should keep thaigo………he has good vision.

  2. Been an Arsenal supporter for years, and I have to say… we should have cashed in on Cesc last summer – Nasri is the one we need to keep, and with the Cesc money, we can build depth at the back and some fortitude in the midfield. Thank god that we finally found the right Pole in the Goal this year, as well.

  3. Actually cesc is on record as saying he’s happy to stay at arsenal, direct quotes not made up tabloid talk.

    Barca have been very shady in this whole transfer saga, attempting to cause cesc unrest, using their players, coaches and the media to unsettle him in order to drop his value. They even wanted him to come out with his desire to leave this offseason. Cesc is one of the worlds premier midfielders under contract for another 4 years. Barca nerd to up the ante or stop playing these cheap games.

  4. Barca is not offering 10m. Plus fair market goes out the window when a player openly say’s he wants to leave. In today’s economic condition 42.6 million, just for the right to acquire a player is fare. remember the deal can still fall through since they still have to discuss wages.

  5. Barcelona need to pay fair market value just like any other club. How about Arsenal offering 10 million for Lionel Messi? When it comes to the transfer market Barcelona has champagne tastes and beer pockets.

  6. First off, RIP Dennis Marshall, and condolences to his family and friends.

    I really can’t see why Arsenal are so insistent on holding on to Cesc. He’s an undeniable talent, but FAR too injury-prone and clearly pining for Barca. He’s always injuring his hamstring or playing his way back into form, so even if he’s professional to be committed to Arsenal when he’s on the field, you’re still not getting his best 75% of the time. Moreover, it’s not like they’re oh-so-close to winning something with Cesc; if the season had gone on for another three or four weeks, Arsenal probably doesn’t even qualify for next year’s CL.

    If players like Sagna are discussing how badly Cesc wants to be at Barca, then you’ve also got a locker-room issue. By all the accounts I’ve heard, Cesc is a good guy who would be horrified if someone accused him of being a locker-room cancer, but if he’s made it clear he doesn’t want to be with Arsenal, why would they hold on to him when his homesickness has clearly become a distraction to your other players? Honestly, Arsene’s stubbornness has gone off the deep end.

  7. RIP Dennis Marshall, a great player, a humble guy, and a model professional. He will be missed. Will they give him a moments silence tomorrow?

  8. I think what he is saying is that the transfer last year guaranteed him for 5 years after they gave him a 2 or 3 year extension.

    Now it’s only 4 years and one of those is about to start, by next summer Arsenal have to start to worry. I think if you are going to sell a player and cash in the crucial year is the one before a players contract only has 3 seasons left. Thus this year. If Arsenal doesn’t sell him now, they will probably not get nowhere near what they rejected last summer in 2012. And if they STILL don’t sell him after the London games, now you are pushing your luck as in 2013 he will only have 2 years left. I won’t be surprised if he chooses to see his contract out and then join Barca on a free transfer, unless Arsenal sells him to ANYONE in his last 2 years, but he will try to get to Barca one way or another.

    I think Arsenal should hold on to him but buy some more CB depth players

  9. “Barcelona president Sandro Rosell said the club will not be offering anything more than $56.8 million as it feels Fabregas’ value is decreasing with his contract nearing its expiration.”

    Since when is a contract that runs until 2015 … nearing its expiration?? LOL

    I agree with them though, Cesc isn’t worth as much now as he was last year. Disappointing year for him.


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