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Mid-Day Ticker: Mexico players re-tested, Klinsmann on Algeria shortlist and more

Ochoa (Getty Images)

The five players on Mexico's Gold Cup roster who tested positive for clenbuterol were re-tested last Friday, and all five had their tests come up negative for the banned substance.

The Associated Press reports that, according to a statement released by the Mexican Football Federation, Guillermo Ochoa, Francisco Rodriguez, Sinha, Edgar Duenas and Christian Bermudez have asked that a "B" test of the initial positive sample, taken on May 21, be conducted.

Mexico has not been able to replace the suspended players — who claimed that the positive test was triggered by contaminated meat — and went through the final two games of the group stage with 17 men, winning Group A with ease and a tournament-best +13 goal differential. It remains to be seen whether Mexico will be able to call in new reinforcements for the knockout stage, as CONCACAF and the Mexican federation continue the investigation into the tests.

Here are a few more stories from around the soccer world:


The Algeria men's national team is seeking a replacement for head coach Abdelhak Benchikha, and according to reports out of Algeria, Jurgen Klinsmann and Dunga are among the five candidates on the shortlist for the position.

Klinsmann, the former Germany coach who was pursued by the U.S. Soccer Federation after the World Cup, is currently serving as a consultant to Toronto FC. Dunga was axed by Brazil after the nation's disappointing showing at last summer's World Cup.

Another candidate on the shortlist is said to be former Ivory Coast boss Vahid Halilhodzic. Reports that mercurial former France coach Raymond Domenech is also a candidate have been denied by the Algerian Football Federation.


After playing for 12 seasons over 14 years at Benfica, veteran Portuguese striker Nuno Gomes is seeking other options. 

The player, who has been linked to MLS — New England specifically — in the past, has elected not to renew his contract.

Nuno Gomes, 34, made only seven appearances for the Portuguese power this past season, scoring five goals. He tallied more than 100 times since joining the club in 1997, and was with Benfica for all but two seasons in that time. He spent a couple of campaigns with Fiorentina in Italy before returning to Benfica in 2002 and is currently a free agent, though reports from Portugal suggest he may move to Sporting Braga.


The road to Rio officially begins this evening.

Belize and Montserrat will commence 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying in Trinidad, with the two vying for a place deeper in CONCACAF's qualifying bracket. The second leg of their qualifying tie will be held on Sunday. Wednesday's qualifier is the first of 832 that will take place between now and the months leading up to the 2014 tournament in Brazil.

Belize, meanwhile, is facing possible FIFA sanctions over government interference.


Do you think Mexico should be able to call in new players? What do the recent negative tests mean to you? Could you see Klinsmann or Dunga coaching Algeria? Do you think Nuno Gomes would be an ideal fit for a striker-needy team in MLS? How far do you see Belize or Montserrat going in qualifying?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. If that happens, it could be just what USMNT needs. A subpar result to shake up our players, and most importantly a potential coaching change. Thats what it took to get Areina ousted. Bradley is much like him, in that, he sometimes is to loyal to specific players. Remember he was Areina’s assestant.

  2. Yet they exceeded expectations… Things had been looking pretty grim before Klinsi took over World Cup prep late in the cycle.

  3. Why do people defend dopers?

    Not fair for those who play the rules.

    This stuff is used in China for animals, not here.

    Were these guys playing in a Chinese tournament?

  4. In fact, Germany ’06 is the only host nation to not beat their last performance in the World Cup. Only four host nations have not made the semi finals, Switzerland in ’54, Spain in ’82, the US in ’94 and South Africa in ’10 (yes, japan in ’02 didn’t, but South Korea did)

  5. And were did you get the “exclusive” that the players are going to get a pass?

    No one knows as of today what’s going to happen to them, and I think it highly unlikely they will be returning to the Gold Cup.

  6. The problem with posters like you, is that the facts have to be repeated over and over!!!

    NO ONE kicked NOBODY out (or not) of any tournament. These five players were separated from the team as a precaution by FEMEXFUT, the Mexican Soccer Federation after they tested positive for Clambuterol on a test done by them. FIFA and CONCACAF have not issued an official statement regarding this case.’
    This substance is commonly used to fatten cows and chickens, not only in Mexico but different countries all over the world especially China
    The World Anti Doping Agency WADA is considering revising Clambuterol doping rules because of this case.

    The most important aspect to consider is how much of the substance was found in the bloodstream of these players. If it was minimal the players will not be punished. Especially since the third test came out negative.

    And why should they?

    Your statement is both uninformed and hypothetical.

  7. The real story is doping by mexicans. Why do you ignore this? If this were american swe,d be kicked out of the entire tournament, but the poor mexs get a pass!

  8. Yeah. He’s going to take Algeria to the 2014 World Cup semifinals now, we really missed out. Random Algerian dudes will be playing like Messi because Klinsmann is their coach.

  9. There is no way the US beats Jamaica to get to the final. Not the way both teams are playing. It could get ugly this weekend.

  10. 2002 World Cup: Germans finish as runner-up to Brazil (I don’t remember the coach.)

    2006 World Cup: Germans reach semifinals (Klinsmann as coach.)

    2010 World Cup: Germans reach semifinals (former Klinsmann assistant Loew as coach.)

    The point? Germany is so talented a bookshelf could coach them to semifinals.

    And in Germany, Klinsmann “revamping” of the youth system has been more credited to the German Federation, though Klinsmann has been taking the credit and bragging about this for years. There’s a reason Klinsmann won’t coach in Germany again. He’s burned bridges everywhere there.

  11. Dennis, this is silly. Klinsmann wants to coach. If fact, Klinsmann would be coaching the USMNT now, if Gulati was willing to give up some control and let Klinsmann to reform our youth development system, like they did in Germany several years ago. They had a handshake deal, but Gulati was not willing to put it in writing. I cannot blame Klinsmann for walking away.

  12. +1 Klinnsmann does not want to coach, he just likes attention. Else he would have been the US coach 6 or 7 years ago. He is an advisor to Toronto F.C. not much positive I can say about that!

  13. Ummmm I’m pretty sure Klinsmann stepped down as a matter of fact, after overachieving in 2002 with a pair of breakout stars, and Miroslav Klose Michael Ballack. Also Lehman and a new guy by the name of Lucas Podolski sort of got it going. They praised him for Germany’s performance which if I’m not mistaken lost to Italy didn’t they, you know the World Champs in the last few minutes of overtime, Klinsmann did well with Germany and was only 3 points behind Wolfsburg when he got fired I remembered beause I was surprised and hoped the US would get him after 2010. He is a great coach for modern football, does he have his flaws, who doesn’t but the upside of what he could do for the USMNT or even an MLS club is insane!

  14. nice comeback Spencer. As for why a Caribbean-facing government and its officials would start interfering with their soccer association, have you guys not seen the sort of money-making potential that’s out there for anyone seen as “holding the strings” to its soccer association in that area? Just refer to Jack Warner, who went from a high school principal to a 50mil dollar man (his current net worth).

  15. …Montserrat is were ‘Synchronicity’ was recorded…also ‘Tug of War’ everyone from The Stones to Michael Jackson recorded there at AIR Studios, vanished by a volcanic explosion!

    hey…soccer and R ‘n’ R mix don’t they?

  16. your aunt’s gardener sounds very inspiring, sort of like the Einstein of landscaping. What’s his hourly rate? Also, we lose yesterday’s game if Guadalupe had been lumped by France into one territory w/Martinique. As for British Honduras playing Montserrat in 2014 qualification game, I thought the latter was located in the Indian ocean.

  17. Well another possible explanation is team mates. He has better ones in EPL than USMNT maybe. plus they play and practice together all the time.

    While Duce is not “on” in this tournament – he at least seems to want it. He is working hard to get himslef in the right places, and then blowing his chances when he gets them. Lando seems not only innefective, but passive (like LeBron in that last game). His performance is more concerming to me than Clint. Even his comments after the panam game – he didnt seem too bothered by it. I understand these guys are pro’s and they cant get on an emotional roller coaster with every win, but he jost does not seem to have the fire

  18. “people go to Belize to dive not to look for hidden soccer talent”

    Diving is definitely a hidden soccer talent…

  19. Why would FIFA waste there time and energy suspending Belize anyway. Who cares? Secondarily, why does Belize’s government even bother interfering with their national team? Concentrate on tourism, people go to Belize to dive not to look for hidden soccer talent.

  20. The degree to which Dempsey fans bend over backwards to lay off any shortcoming or bad game on others is astounding. Maybe the fault for the difference is within Dempsey? Maybe it’s his attitude? Or maybe he is too much of a gunslinger and opportunist, an attitude that works in one context and not the other?

    The fact is, Dempsey pulls crap like this often, where he is too casual or too clever. His miss on the sitter was inexcusible – not a matter of technique or bad luck. It was his attitude and awareness, something he should not have to depend on Bob Bradley to fix or inspire.

    He’s a great player and I am a big fan of his, but can we be realistic about his positives and negatives?

  21. economics professors are not dumbasses however, Economists are trained not to make decisions. They are trained to interpret things based on given information. Sunil, being an economist by nature, will take the most conservative approach however, will not give a second thought about gut feeling and emotion. It is in his nature…its part of his persona. It speaks volumes as to why Sunil/USSF will not relinquish any control. Take a look at who they hired. Conservative, practical and predictable Bradley. Same players…same formation…same results. No knock on Bradley because he is a good Domestic coach however, you won’t be seeing Sunil or Bradley out on a limb any time soon even though that is where the ripest fruit is.

  22. The Virgin of Guadalupe (note spelling) is the patron saint of Mexico (also referred to as “el corazon de Mexico” = the heart of Mexico, guess she let them down ’cause we actually snuck one in on the Guad keeper and we are still in the hunt for a show-down with el Chicharrito, Gio, Andres, Rafa and the rest of “el Tri”) – the famous treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo states that you have to buy your chile poblano burritos on Tuesdays or Saturdays, if you want them with cream and jalapenyos, and also freed all the slaves, or something like that………….and lastly Guadalupe, who is a man, is my aunt Carmen’s Mexican indio gardener who talks to himself, and to all of the flowers when he works in her garden……..such a beautiful garden!

  23. Belize actually borders both Mexico and Guatemala. Go to the Google earth satellite
    map, enter “Chetumal” – which is Mexican port city on the southern portion of the “Mayan riviera” – and zoom in AND out – notice, Belize is right next door! Many Belizean’s actually cross the border into the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, and make their way to Chetumal to seek medical care – and/or shop.

  24. And I thought Guadeloupe was a city in Mexico. So at the very least we’re all getting a much needed lesson in geography.

  25. He’s not going to Algeria. He’s an LA man and you don’t throw away luxury for Algeria.

    It’ll go to someone in that region or an old player who needs the payday.

  26. I’ve been wanting to start a political cartoon series focused on US soccer, but sadly I can’t draw.

    My cartoon for this one would show a chicken with CONCACAF on it and the Mexican coach telling the chicken “It’s the meat!”

  27. I agree. Compare Demsey with Fulham to Dempsey with the USMNT. With Fulham he is disciplined and focused; with the USMNT he showboats too much and relies more on theatrics than effort. Best explanation for the difference is the coaching/leadership.

  28. Yes, just like the German Federation handed over all autonomy to Klinsmann after the 2006 World Cup….

    Oh wait, the Germans canned Klinsmann after his ego started putting himself above the Federation.

    Unless your name is Jose Mourinho, no Federation is signing up for megalomania coaching. But then club teams are an entirely different bird. With an intense, 10-month season every year megalomania dictatorship is often necessary in club football.

    Can’t do that as a National Team coach when you only see your players a handful of times per year, and for limited time at that.

  29. Totally agree about the frustrating family member. Since the World Cup the team has been regressing, not only did we lose some of friendlies but we just totally didn’t show up. Can USA still hire Jurgen? How can we mess that up he loves USA and some of the players, knows US soccer, has international experience, etc.

  30. Bob Bradley has taken the US as far as can, it’s for Sunil to make a change. Our team is not improving, our tactics are lazy and we are continually unprepared for matches. It’s to pursue Klinnsman and give him the autonomy he needs.

  31. You are absolutely correct, our Federation is run by a Dumba** economics professor!! What?? We’ve got a coach who looks stupid on the sidelines, and players who look tired and uninspired to play for their own coach, coupled with an entire nation doubting whether or not they can beat the likes of Guadeloupe? We need help.

  32. I’m sure Klinsmann will drag this Algeria speculation out in the media for as long as possible, then make sure he looks like the one that said “no” to the other party, and then do interviews with more media to drop extremely vague but somewhat incendiary statements but then, when pressed, not clarify his statements with any kind of concrete detail or substance whatsoever.

    The guy has definitely mastered American media and Public Relations 101. Keep your name out there in speculation, but never actually say anything of substance.

  33. Okay, Grant Wahl was reporting the B test had already been done and came up negative.

    As for the retest being negative, I don’t think that matters, does it? The B-test showing negative would mean that they should be put back in the tourny, but not a retest.

  34. 1. We lose 4-1 in the final to Mexico.

    2. US Soccer is like that frustrating family member that you just want to shake and tell them to ‘wake up!’

    3. Nuno Gomes probably has one more decent season left in him.


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