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Which American free agent would you like to see your MLS team land this summer?

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The end of the European club season always brings about major changes on team rosters, and also always leads to plenty of players hitting the open market. This summer is no different, and there are several Americans now available for potential moves to the United States.

Jonathan Spector, Marcus Hahnemann, DaMarcus Beasley and Eddie Johnson are all on the market now, and all four could help MLS teams if they chose to come home and play in Major League Soccer. Now it should be made clear that, of the four, only Hahnemann has openly discussed MLS as an option. Spector looks like a good bet to stay in Europe and Beasley is in Mexico trying to land a deal with Pachuca, but that doesn't mean we can't consider the MLS possibilities for these four Americans.

Here is our question for you: Which of the four aforementioned American players would you like to see your MLS team take a run at? Would you love seeing Hahnemann return to the Pacific Northwest? Could you picture Beasley reuniting with Peter Nowak in Philadelphia? Think Johnson could help solve Chivas USA's or New England's goal-scoring troubles? See Spector potentially being the piece that could help a team like Houston challenge for a title?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. EJ would still wreck things in MLS. He was very good with Aris last year. I would welcome him back to Dallas, heartily.

  2. Well, Chivas USA is at the top of the allocation list, but I can’t see any of these players (namely DMB and EJ) working out for them. I doubt Spector’s coming back to the states yet and GK is the least of their needs.

  3. Haha this post just made go re-read all of SF’s posts about Eddie Johnson. Pure comedy.

    Always thought SF came up with the nickname, but I read online that he got it after a reporter asked him what video games he played, and he responded: “I don’t play video games. I’m a grown-a$$ man!”

  4. Demarcus Beasley is the best of the likely MLS candidates. Marcus will likely go MLS but only has a couple years left. Both Spector and Johnson will stay in Europe.

  5. Spector isn’t coming back to MLS. With his experience, versatility, and German passport certainly some team will take a flyer on him.

    I’d say a mid to lower table Bundesliga team, or a English Championship team.

  6. I really hope there is no MLS team out there who is dumb enough to give any of these guys DP money, especially Beasley!

  7. Oh, I can believe it. SBI is full of “fans” whom have a skewed, slightly bewildered, irrational take on both the team and its players.

  8. The guy who just scored two big goals for the US recently? Can’t believe people still want to write him off at 21…


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