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San Jose GK Bingham scores from own end in friendly win over West Brom

Bingham (Getty Images)

With the San Jose Earthquakes being shut out four times in their last five league games, they needed somebody to step up to snap the team out of its recent funk. As it turns out, that player was rookie goalkeeper David Bingham.

Bingham scored from more than 90 yards, with his long kick bouncing over West Brom's California-born goalkeeper Boaz Myhill to open the scoring in the third minute of San Jose's 2-1 victory in a club friendly Tuesday night.

Khari Stephenson scored just before halftime to give the Earthquakes a 2-0 lead before West Brom's Jerome Thomas sliced the deficit in half in the 53rd minute, beating backup goalkeeper Andrew Weber.

Video of Bingham's goal is after the jump:



What'd you think of Bingham's goal? Do you see San Jose's offensive woes ending in league play?

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  1. West Brom keeper lost the ball in the sun. Completely sucks, but understandable.

    Not taking *anything* away from Bingham. Just pointing out the West Brom keeper isn’t that bad, haha.

  2. What happened to Woy’s side. He always pwoduces an owganized defense. I heaw he’s twying to get Wob Gween to come to West Bwom. That should do the twick.

  3. I was standing in line Sunday night at Kennedy Airport in NYC with some Brits following WBA on their west coast tour. They didn’t sound like they expected much opposition from MLS. I said BOLLACKS to them!


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