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Calf injury forces Donovan from MLS All-Star Game

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Landon Donovan will not be participating in the MLS All-Star Game. The LA Galaxy captain will not participate in Wednesday's match against Manchester United due to a calf injury, the club announced on Sunday.

Donovan missed the club's penalty kick defeat to Manchester City on Sunday. The teams tied, 1-1, leading to a 7-6 penalty kick shootout loss for the Galaxy.

Donovan had been voted to the first XI for the match against United and is currently tied for second in MLS in goals scored with nine.

MLS announced late Sunday that Donovan would not be replaced on the roster and the MLS All-Star Team will remain with 22 players to take on Manchester United.

How do you feel now that Donovan will be missing the All Star Game? Does this hurt the event now the league's biggest star will not be playing?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. The bigger question ( and way more meaningful ) is how badly is he hurt ?

    Unlike Seattle, Dallas, and Salt Lake….LA would be in real trouble without their superstar.

  2. I wonder if Hans Backe had anything to do with it? He probably figured he wouldn’t need a replacement since he doesn’t use subs anyway.

  3. Which is still the best out of the “big three” All Star games.
    NBA is less serious than your neighborhood pickup basketball game, and if they stopped playing the Pro Bowl and made up a final score no one would even notice.


    There should be a summer break, around the transfer period, All-Star game, and friendlies with top European teams that bring in fans and money.

  5. I’d agree with you in theory. I think Donovan might have been trying to play through a knock and it might have caught up with him.

    But did anybody notice that since his drop in form, London’s.disappeared from his usually robust social media presence? Any day you would hear him sound off on how great things were going… and then it stopped. Cold. I can’t help bit think he’s got a mental or emotional aspect to his slump, something more off-field.

  6. This is a weaker all-star squad than last year. After United get a goal it’s going to turn into a bigger thrashing than last year. Nothing like the Sounders butt whipping, let’s hope.

  7. Can we have an MLS All-Stars vs. MLS All-Stars who aren’t present game at the end of the season? I put my money on the latter.

  8. Sounds like the mystery injury that Steven Gerrard always seems to pick up whenever an meaningless England friendly comes around. I think he just needed a break and since this game had no meaning to him or his team he is going to take it as a chance to relax.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what has been bugging him for the last few months…there’s no other reason to explain such a quick drop off in aggressiveness and speed since last season and World Cup; yeah he’s gotten his goals but typically not by getting behind the defense and beating people with his speed.

  10. ‘Will you still watch?’ WTH kind of question is that? The league is not Landon Donovan. There are PLENTY of other reasons to watch the game. Nothing against one of the better teams in the league, but c’mon.


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