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Chivas USA co-owner Cué confirms discussions on possible move from HDC

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Chivas USA co-owner Antonio Cué has confirmed that Chivas USA are in talks with cities in Los Angeles County for a potential move away from the Home Depot Center.

Chvias USA have shared the Home Depot Center since the club's inception in 2005 and have publically made it very clear that they have always sought to have their own residence away from the LA Galaxy. In a recent conversation with, Cué stated that the club is indeed speaking to cities, who are interested in housing a Chivas USA Soccer-Specific stadium.

“There are a lot of cities asking for us to move and we're evaluating that, but it's going to take some time and right now, we're focusing on playing here this year,” said Cué. “We will study all the locations and when we are ready to make a move then we'll let everyone know. We're not ready now though because all of [the cities] seem to be pretty good.

“But we're obviously talking to a lot of cities that are all within LA and there is nothing outside of LA County,” Cue added.

What do you think of the potential move?

Will Chivas USA succeed in getting a new stadium?  Will it help the team in terms of attendance and boost the fan base? 

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I seem to recall it had something to do with a particularly messy legal dispute regarding trademarks or some-such as it involved owners/investors.

    Can someone shed some light on this?

  2. Galaxy sales are just fine, big names put butts in seats and jerseys on backs. Chivas can’t compete until it brings in the players.

  3. SDSU are the Aztecs. If you don’t like the Chivas name then just call them the goats. Really no one cares if you will cheer or not. Free country.

  4. Here is a good name for a sports team, in English too!

    The The Angels Angels of Saint Anne home

    (the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)

  5. This might be the most moronic comment in the history of the internet. The worst thing about it is it would require hours of research and thousands of words to refute all the idiocy in just this one quick-fire sports talk radio style comment.

  6. “A second LA team should be a team that draws well on the road, and if they were “LA Anything” they’d draw better than Chivas does.”

    Finally somebody who gets it!

    You WANT teams with nationally recognized cities in their names, LA, NY, Chicago, SF, Boston, DC, etc.

  7. San Diego Surf?
    San Diego Gunners, named after the military community / naval presence, ripping of Arsenal’s logo?


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