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Club America’s Castillo awaiting another call from U.S. national team



GLENDALE, Ariz. — Edgar Castillo has kept up with the latest goings-on for the U.S. men's national team, and he's ready for another chance to represent his country of birth. He just needs the opportunity to arise.

The midfielder/defender from New Mexico — in Arizona last Sunday to play in the inaugural Monsoon Classic, a Mexican First Division preseason match between his side, Club America, and Morelia — is anxiously awaiting a call from U.S. Soccer to play again on the international stage. Asked what he sees from the Americans based on how they've fared of late, the 24-year-old Castillo got to the point.

"That I could play there," Castillo said. "You watch the game and you talk about them, but it's a whole different thing on the field." 

Castillo played in friendlies for Mexico before taking advantage of the FIFA rule that allowed him, as an American citizen, to switch countries, having not played in an official competition for Mexico. But he hasn't played for the United States since November, 2009, in a friendly against Denmark that was his first and only U.S. cap. 

There's a case for Castillo to perhaps soon find his place on the U.S. roster. The United States could use some help in the form of speed on a backline — specifically Castillo's preferred left side — that was picked apart by Mexico in the Gold Cup, and Castillo certainly has that.

He showed flashes of brilliance on the ball and in recovery on defense in his 62-plus minutes at University of Phoenix Stadium against Morelia, and apparently impressed Portland Timbers technical director Gavin Wilkinson in his 45-minute stint in Club America's 1-0 victory over Portland at Jeld-Wen Field last week.

Also, it looks like Castillo is finally going to get the long look from the Club America technical staff he's been seeking for some time. Club America has loaned Castillo out to three other teams in Mexico for parts of three seasons since 2009, most recently to Puebla.

"His job over the next six months is to win a starting spot (for Club America)," Castillo's agent Eddie Rock said.

Added Castillo: "I'm very happy to be back. I've been in the Mexican League with five clubs now and I get to come back and do my best and be a starter."

Castillo makes a salary in Mexico that could be compared to MLS Designated Player money stateside. But he remains connected to his family, members of which made the four-to-five-hour drive from Las Cruces, N.M., for his match Sunday.

His goals in soccer are set. One is to win a Mexican club title. The other?

"Why not go to the World Cup in Brazil?" Castillo said. 


  1. If Bradley was ‘moving on’ then why even give Castillo a shot? What’s the point? And even if Castillo showed to be a tiny bit better than Bornstein wouldn’t you take him instead? Does it really need to be a “massive upgrade”?

    And yes let’s all hail BB! He recognized that Chandler is a good player!…please, any idiot could have recognized that. And yes he does need a lot of time to figure out when he has a good player as evidenced by some of his diabolical player selections and substitutions

  2. Please tell me what Shea has done to think he is going to develop into anything more than a solid MLS player? Every time he’s been called in he looks slow, loses the ball, doesn’t threaten much…and this is against other ‘B’ teams! At most he could be a Klejstan (who is not really much of an international caliber player either)

    When I assess young players I accept the fact that they are gonna make mistakes but I look for thoses flashes. Altidore, Agudelo, Lichaj, Bedoya, and Ream all show flashes…I haven’t seen a thing from Shea…

  3. Lichaj plays left back for Leeds. Should he get loaned back to them again it will probably be as a left back.

    Which is a good thing for Lichaj as he would be behind Dolo and Chandler as a right back for the US.

  4. You have a selective memory.

    One reason Castillo was tried out so late in the year was because Castillo himself took his sweet time filing for the US switch.

    Meanwhile Bradley was moving on trying to flesh out the World Cup squad w/o him.

    And Castillo has never shown himself to be a massive upgrade over JB. Bradley doesn’t need that much time to figure it out when he has a good player.; it took him five seconds to figure out Chandler.

    Hopefully Castilo has improved from that time when Mexican sportscasters used to refer to Castillo as cement head; and it wasn’t a compliment.

  5. yep. the low expectations thing is key. no one expected anything except suckage, as that is all he showed up until then (qualifying goal not withstanding), so when is play was acceptable- people were surprised.

    now go back to making cookies for your son, SON.

  6. Lichaj is a right back , what good will it do MNT if he plays on the left after club seasons of playing on the right , thats why Bornstein was the epic fail that it was. If the mircale came that he did get to play he was in the midfield not left back, the back line for mnt is old n shouldnt be playing as much and younger ones gettin in like castillo. And the whole thing about him playing for mexico first. Look at Jones. yah its hard for him to adapt to how slow we play given that he grown with the counter attacking play but its worked out for the most part. but there needs to be a new direction for the USSF

  7. Almost everyone under the age of 25 on mnt are struggling for playing time. best example Altidore has scored 3 goals for club from 2008 to today … and has only played 9 games for villareal while they had him. It would seem besides all the players who get normal time and starters didnt get called up, besides the old school side

  8. Absolutely in agreement. But Edgar has to prove himself with a historical side like CA on a regular basis, and then if BB doesn’t call him up, someone at the USMT will bring it up, or he will feel the pressure from the fans.

  9. michael bradley was sent on loan because he wasnt getting any time in germany, then went to villa and hardly played. a couple others that were in the copa oro had the same storys to their club campaign, when Castillo goes on loans he accutally improves at what ever side he ends up at. And being that he is considerd a wing back USMNT deffently should use that with Timmy Chandler and Lichaj who are RB not left.


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