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MLS adds Keller to All-Star Matchday Roster

Kasey Keller (

Seattle Sounders goalkeeper Kasey Keller was voted an MLS All-Star by the fans, but was left off the game-day All-Star roster because of what appeared to be a conflict with Seattle's schedule and next week's All-Star Game. Nobody told Keller, who had already received permission from the Sounders to attend the match.

The All-Star mess has been sorted out though, with news coming today that MLS was flying Keller in for the All-Star game and making him an available substitute for the match, set for July 27th at Red Bull Arena against Manchester United.

Seattle will be playing in Panama in CONCACAF Champions League play the day before the MLS All-Star Game, but Keller, playing his final season as a pro, will join the MLS All-Stars in New York for next week's All-Star Game. He'll serve as a third goalkeeper.

Those hoping to see Keller face Manchester United should get their chance tonight, when Seattle plays host to the English champions (

What do you think of this development? Glad to see Keller be honored?


  1. Well it’s nice of Seattle to let him go since the guy deserves it as a nice send off for his last season ever.

    He should be starting though and not on the bench.

  2. Boooooooooooooooooo…*breath*…boooooooooooooooooo…Boooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Keller should be in goal in the game that matters. Boss isn’t.

  3. Depending on your opinion, he either deserves it or is close to deserving based on performance this year. It’s close enough that he should be there as part of his farewell tour.

  4. I voted for him. Is he the best goal keeper this year? Maybe not. But he is the most accomplished goalkeeper currently playing in MLS. Some people will hate my way of thinking, but the All Star game also needs big names and faces people recognize.

  5. This is the MLS. It is not about recognizing talent, but who will make the most money for the all-star game. I hope Man U smokes the MLS again, and I hope that we continue to lose in the all star game until we go back to East v West. You have to make those conferences matter for something, right?

  6. the Reds (Liverpool) are playing in Asia right now.. way to show off your uneducated euro-snob duchery buddy!

  7. Wont make a difference if he plays or not. We are going to roll over him and the Seattle team! No match for the Reds!

  8. I like that he will be honored, I just hope he is fresh for the Dynamo game on the 30th in Houston. Flying from Seattle to Panama and then to New York and finally down to Houston all within a 5 day span seems like a little much.


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