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SBI MLS Player of the Week: Fredy Montero

Fredy Montero (Getty)

Playing in front of a hostile crowd at Jeld-Wen Field, Fredy Montero stepped up on multiple occasions to help his Seattle Sounders erase deficits. His two goals were key in helping the Sounders take down arch-rival Portland on Sunday, which is why Montero was an easy pick for this week's SBI MLS Player of the Week honors.

Montero beat out David Beckham, who had his own stellar performance with a goal and assist in Los Angeles' win against Chicago, as well as Dwayne DeRosario, who scored the lone goal in D.C. United's win against New York.

Montero hit a beautiful free-kick goal, then netted a late equalizer to make the score 2-2 before Osvaldo Alonso's game-winning penalty kick.

What did you think of Montero's performance? Who got your vote for this week's top honors?

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  1. +1 he was the best player on the field in RSL V FC Dallas. Unfortunately the formula for player of the week is take whoever scored two goals and give it to them.

  2. As far as I know, there were dropped charges. Which means charges were brought, and then dropped. It was allegations that never made it to court. In the justice system this means nothing conclusive was made.

  3. If the wall would have jumped at all, it would have been blocked. It looked like 2 of the Portscum players in the wall didn’t even move and maybe even ducked a little bit. This is the big leagues PTFC, time to man up.

  4. Montero’s free kick was inch perfect (and had to be), as was Alonso’s PK. Perkins was man of the match, in many ways.

  5. No worries. We will just continue to remind you of our decades of dominance over you. Let us know when you actually win something, thanks buddy. I hope you have a lovely day in Portscum today!

  6. Oh no, why be original when we can remind him that he got accused of rape?
    Or why be original when we can remind the Sounders than they are the first team in history to start TWO forwards who were BOTH accused of rape at the SAME time.


  7. I thought it was cute when Timbers fans were chanting NO MEANS NO in reference to a three year old false accusation. I understand its easy to hate Montero but I was hoping they could be a little more original than that.

  8. The Sounders back line was the Timbers MVP.

    Fyi to first poster: it’s Colombia. Actual common American mistake though, happens all the time 🙂


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