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SBI MLS Spotlight: George John


  1. SoccerinSoCal “Subotic was overlooked by Rongen…”

    SoccerinSoCal “get a clue”

    How can one respond to this nonsense. Don’t get a clue, stay as you are.

  2. Please tell me which player they’ve done that to? Subotic was overlooked by Rongen and then when Bradley attempted call-ups, he turned them down.

    John was called up in January but as he said he had to pull out due to getting off-season surgery. John will get a look, but a cap in a friendly won’t cap-tie him. To do that, you’d have to wait until WCQ begins next year.

    Get a clue.

  3. Blinders to Mexican Americans playing in Mexico? Get off it. Are you really asking for Michael Orozco? Guy is NOT that good. We saw that when he was with Philly last year.

    What other Mexican-American players have gotten shafted?

    Edgar Castillo? Dude haven’t played very much in the past 2 years (since his switch to the US). Hopefully he can get some playing some Club America, and we can get rid of Bornstein and give Lichaj some competition at LB.

    Herculez Gomez? Not really. He made the World Cup squad and got decent playing time after coming out of nowhere. He did get snubbed for the Gold Cup, but I put that on Bob being stupid in thinking Wondo was a CONCACAF quality player (let alone an international quality player) and that he could catch fire with a hot domestic striker, NOT because of some kind of Mexican-American slight.

    Jose Torres? ‘Til this day I’ve always wondered why Bob took Jose Torres off at half-time against Costa Rica in the World Cup Qualifer in ’09 in San Jose, but I don’t think there is some kind of Mexican-American prejudice going on here. Jose got another shot against Slovenia in the World Cup, and he didn’t do so well. A lot of that is probably Bob’s fault for putting a guy who needs a lot of space and time and who hadn’t started in about a year against a counter-attacking and pressing Slovenia team, but I bet nobody told Jose to play back passes to likes the DeMerit and Gooch. Jose didn’t have that great of a club season(s) between the World Cup and the Gold Cup and he got surpassed in Center Midfield by Jones, Edu, Holden, Feilhaber and even Kljestan. I’m sure we’ll see more of Jose Torres, but the guy has to start performing better club wise.

  4. USSoccer has a poor record with dual nationals at youth level (not all Rongen’s fault Sunil shares it). If you look at some of the selections Bob Bradley made, it’s a crime John hasn’t been capped and sealed. When USSF lose a quality player to another country, they often put out disparaging remarks about the players loyalty and ability.
    If they lose John, I hope they don’t smear him. Definitely not a top class organization.

  5. I’ll tell you what, too. If John isn’t called into the next couple of camps, it’s an absolute crime. He deserves it.

  6. “My boy Ream”? Dude, I just happen to think Ream is one step ahead of John. I don’t have a “favorite” CB. My “favorite” CB is the one who can help the USMNT the most. Guess what? Ream’s not it right now. Maybe he will be, maybe he won’t be. Maybe John will be, and Ream won’t be. Then John will be my “favorite” CB. And I don’t think I qualify as a hater if I say I want to see this guy in camp. In fact, I’d love to see him do really well for us. Even pass Ream up! I’m rooting for him. It is laughable, though, that he hasn’t played a game for us yet, and you have every single accomplished national team center back BELOW him in the depth chart. When John proves something on the international stage, I’ll be happy to be the very first one to start singing his praises. But until then, he’s a promising young defender who has the potential to be VERY good, but still has to prove himself. That’s it. Our opinions don’t differ that much, boosted. I just don’t think it’s right to anoint him the American Maldini when he hasn’t played a match for us yet.

  7. On top of being a great player, George John is a class act. I was fortunate to chat with him at the PDX airport while team was waiting for flight and he couldn’t have been more humble. I won’t lie, I’m a Greek American and it is one reason I began tracking him, but regardless of my heritage, the kid deserves to be in camp ahead of Gooch or Gonzalez or Ream for that matter. Bob Bradley doesn’t will likely take his flirtation with Greek Nat. team the wrong way and make another dumb move by not calling him into camp.(hope I’m wrong) I don’t put a ton of stock into the Castrol index, but it is impressive that he is ranked #2… I’d like to see Michael Orozco Fiscal paired with George John in next camp…not likely given Bob’s blinders to the Mexican Americans plying their trade in Mexico…one can dream. Unrelated, but I also spoke for nearly 30 minutes with Brek Shea that same day and talk about a nice dude, very refreshing to meet “top class” futbol players that will have a chat and be gracious for one’s support.

  8. True but Alex has been a hater for a good while now and instead of just simply stating the obvious (like he did) he went and threw a jab at the John supporters who knew what was up from day1.

    No need to be bitter Alex.

    I posted Reams stats yet I dont know for sure he’s your fav CB. However whether your favorite is Ream, Gonzo, Boca, Gooch, Goodson, Whitbread, Kitchen, or Opara DONT WORRY because they all will have a spot on the USMNT depth chart…….below John.

    & there is ABSOLUTELY no shame in that.

  9. To put those #’s in perspective..heres your boy Tim Ream

    6’1″ 160lbs….excellent touch

    0 Goals/ 0 Assists

    8.28/10 Castrol score (41st overall)

    85% passing percentage

    plays passive D and has 2 YC in 1530Min

    His team is 8th in the standing with the most games played

  10. 6’3″ 200lbs quick+agile with excellent touch.

    2 goals/1 assist,

    9.27/10 Castrol ranking (2nd overall),

    83% passing percentage,

    Plays aggressive yet only 3-Yellows cards in 1890 minutes.

    His team is 2nd in standings and have the most shutouts…

    Do you really need to be a “fanboy” to want to see him in a US shirt? Get over yourself

  11. I’m not one of the George John fanboys that posts on here all the time, but I would like to see him in one of the upcoming friendlies.


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