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FIFA U-20 World Cup: Brazil, Portugal set for final showdown

Henrique (Reuters Pictures)

Mexico's quest to capture the Under-17 and Under-20 World Cups in the same summer came up two wins short.

Brazil beat Mexico, 2-0, in a U-20 World Cup semifinal on Wednesday, getting two late goals from Golden Boot front-runner Henrique in a four-minute span to eliminate the final CONCACAF representative in the tournament.

In the other semifinal, Portugal defeated France, 2-0, to reach the championship game, getting an early goal off a corner kick from Danilo and a penalty kick from Nelson Oliveira at the end of the first half. In six matches during the tournament, Portugal has not conceded a single goal.

Brazil and Portugal will do battle for the U-20 championship on Saturday in Bogota, Colombia, following the Mexico-France third-place game.

Highlights from both games are after the jump:






What did you think of the semifinal matches? Who do you see capturing the U-20 World Cup?

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  1. No, only the MLS has been around since 96. The US has had and has other leagues before 96; but like your teams they have not been successful (sorry couldn’t resist 🙂 )

  2. i know. i’m just pointing out that the US had no place in the conversation about Mexico/Brasil. And that it’s no surprise the USA is still lacking up top.

  3. Well it makes sense that we don’t have a wealth of good forwards we’ve only have had academies around since 2007, and a league that’s been around since 96’……..

  4. mexico’s biggest problem this tourny was finishing. they have not been very clinical in front of goal. everything else has looked pretty good.

    as for the usa, yeah, everyone knows that. well, they should.

  5. Choking strikers? This is a squad who sturggled to play well as a team but were able to capitalize on counter attacks throughout the whole tournament. If anything they lack a center mid. On all age groups the forwards have been producing. The reality is that the u.s. lacks natural forwards right now definately not the mexicans.

  6. @JP – I saw your previous post and I too was hoping for an all Portuguese final. But since I grew up in Portugal I have to support the old Red and Green. Here’s to a good match and may the best team win!

  7. Mexico really should have won that game. Aside from Chicharito they are still producing choking strikers. The much heralded Cubo Torres missed a few sitters.

  8. Ha ha… I had predicted an all Portuguese-speaking final.

    Now I’ll go on a limb and predict that Brazil will win the final! 🙂

    Ok, Ok… Only two types of people make predictions about the future: “Those who don’t know. And those who don’t know that they don’t know!”

    Works for financial markets too.

  9. Its been a good year for Mexico, with the Gold Cup/U17 champs and now a chance to get 3rd at the U20… finally seeing some improvement.not dissapointed whatsoever (copa america could have been better)….Cmon USA you are next….


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