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Must-See Goal: Marco Fabian


  1. no mls team has the youth academy of CDC, neither do they have the bank to build such a team. CDC is a great and legendary team from a much older league than MLS and produces Mexican legends. no need for a comparison in an effort to debase another league.

  2. Man no team from the Americas has ever humiliated barca like that. It’s always been the other way around barca humiliates mls teams and others. No mls teams has ever beaten barca. What a golaso.

  3. Goal was great, but I’m in love with that pass that set up the guy who set up Fabian. Great touch, great turn, and a pinpoint pass that split two Barca defenders.

    Not sure who that was, but they’re in posession from 0 to 3 seconds on the video above.


  4. I HATE Chivas, but c’mon … WOW! Very, very well done, Marco! And against Barca to top it all off.



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