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Lincecum 3, Donovan 2: The Highlights

Two athletes playing a heated game of FIFA12 against each other isn't usually that notable, but when San Francisco Giants ace Tim Lincecum sat down with Los Angeles Galaxy captain Landon Donovan, some trash talking, hilarity and perhaps a surprise result ensued. Enjoy:



  1. Some people need to lighten up and just be happy soccer is getting some love alongside the ‘major’ sports, in this case “America’s Game,” instead of being the athletic outcasts we all were 20 years ago.

    I’m not an MLB fan, but think Lincecum came across as a pretty cool guy.

  2. Two things that would have made it perfect:

    1. Timmy should have picked his home team (Sounders).

    2. He should have lit up a phatty after beating Landycakes.

  3. LD was bold for going with a 3 star Galaxy against Arsenal, but he gave him a good game. That was pretty funny though. Both of their shots about each other’s hair was funny.

  4. Landy was more funny than I expected, his insults were so subtle it was oddly hilarious. Linceum is boring. Also had a ridiculous advantage taking arsenal

  5. Arguably the least funny video I ever saw. There’s 2:53 minutes I’ll never get back. Donovan has the personality of a wet sponge (unless, of course, he’s whining to a ref.)


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