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Is DeRosario most clutch player in MLS history?

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Watching Dwayne DeRosario show tremendous heart and incredible ability in trying to will D.C. United to a victory on Wednesday night against Portland, soomething came to mind that I had thought about a few times before. Something about DeRosario that is probably widely-accepted as fact, but never really discussed.

Dwayne DeRosario is the most clutch player in MLS history.

Yes, the debate about best MLS player of all time could probably take long-time league observers days to debate, but when you consider the big moments in DeRosario's career, and the important goals at clutch moments that he has delivered, it's really tough to think of anybody who has come up big in as many spots in the history of MLS.

There is a reason DeRosario has four MLS Cup titles to his name, and two MLS Cup Final MVP awards in his trophy case. He has had a penchant for the dramatic going all the way back a decade, when he scored the MLS Cup-winning Golden Goal to help San Jose win the first of two championships in 2001.

It hasn't just been in big championship games. He has delivered in important matches throughout the years, and on Wednesday night against Portland, playing on what amounted to one leg, DeRosario scored an equalizer and came painfully close to producing a winning goal on multiple occasions. No, he wasn't able to lead D.C. to the playoffs, but you cannot argue that DeRosario stepped up and did his part to try and make it happen on Wednesday night.

While I may continue to question whether he is the clear-cut MVP choice in 2011 (mainly because the bulk of his accomplishments this year came in a three-month period, while he struggled for half a season), I don't have a problem saying DeRosario has an extremely strong case for being the most clutch player in league history. In that contest, he would definitely get my vote.

What do you think? Who do you consider the most clutch player in MLS history? DeRosario, or someone else?

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  1. Your first point of multiple teams is B.S., but the playoff part does essentially disqualify him. That said, if MLS had a player of the season award he would get it hands down.


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