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Canada and Antigua & Barbuda advance as CONCACAF qualifying continues



The final round of matches in the second round of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying might as well not be played, as all the teams to advance are now known.

The six teams to secure their passage into the third round of qualifying were finalized on Friday, with Canada being one of the teams to secure its passage. Canada was held to a scoreless draw on the road by Saint Kitts and Nevis, but the result was good enough to give the Canucks first place in Group D.

Antigua and Barbuda also pushed through to the next round with a 1-0 victory over second-place Haiti in Group F. The win places Antigua and Barbuda in Group A of the third round along with the United States, Jamaica and Guatemala.

One team that was not celebrating at the end of its game was Trinidad and Tobago. The Soca Warriors suffered a 2-1 defeat to Guyana in Group B, a result that ended Trinidad and Tobago's dreams of reaching the 2014 World Cup.

Here's a full recap of Friday's results as well as the groups for the next round:

Group A

Dominican Republic 4-0 Cayman Islands

Suriname 1-3 El Salvador

Group B

Bermuda 2-1 Barbados

Guyana 2-1 Trinidad and Tobago

Group C

Nicaragua 1-0 Dominica

Group D

St. Kitts and Nevis 0-0 Canada

St. Lucia 0-4 Puerto Rico

Group E

Belize 1-1 St. Vincent and Grenadines

Guatemala 3-0 Grenada

Group F

U.S. Virgin Islands 0-3 Curacao

Antigua and Barbuda 1-0 Haiti



Group A

United States



Antigua and Barbuda

Group B


Costa Rica

El Salvador


Group C






What do you think of Canada and Antigua and Barbuda advancing to the next round? Do you see the United States finishing in first or second in Group A? Who do you see making it to the Hex?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. When T&T were at there peak they were using a lot of players who were British born, of T&T heritage (birchall being the most obvious and noticeable of these). these seemed to have dried up for whatever reason.

  2. I am proud of Puerto Rico beating St. Lucia 4-0 with current PR Islander striker Hector “Pito” Ramos scoring 2 goals followed by defender Christian Arrieta and midfielder Andres Cabrero each adding another.

  3. Lord Klinsmann is trying out different players to see who will fit in his system. The players are trying to adapt a new system compared to what Bradley used in the past. It takes time for players to gel together and I have faith in Lord Klinsmann to change the structure of US soccer.

  4. You are kidding right? How are we better on paper than a team starting mvilla, benzema, ribery, and lloris? The French team that we played was not its “b” team, the only real key player it was missing was nasri. Oh, and as for France no longer being an elite team, you might wanna get your facts right cause they are undefeated in their last 16 games, most of which have been euro qualifiers. Do I would have to say that a 1-0loss to France at the stade de france is not a bad result at all. People need to calm down its not as if klinsmann was gonna tranform us into world beaters overnight.

  5. People need to chill about the kaisers problems. John harks never makes smart comments but he did have a rare gaffe of a smart moment when he said that no other coach in the world is getting a grace period on trying new things like the kaiser is. And it’s true people are failing to see one thing under bb you maybe got 3-4 new players per camp and all we did was play the same old guys and under the kaiser a lot of people are getting to try for spot which only makes for more talented competition between them. Sure we lost 1-0 to France but look who we fielded also brek Shea, Andy Williams, Kyle beckerman, Clarence Goodson common this are fresh faces that can only show what they can contribute if they play in big games. So we lost to France a very good France at that yes there were some young players in that squad but they are highly renowned. Take like it is an elimination process I much rather see the kaiser doing this now and find out who works and who doesn’t rather than field what works and have no idea who can help during the WCQ.

  6. group C is a tough one to pick the winners.. Honduras is the favorite but between Cuba, Canada and Panama…i’d say Panama based on a good Gold Cup but Canada could take this opportunity to actually play to their potential

  7. As long as Beckerman continues to be sent out there on the international level the team will struggle to go forward and get goals.

    Has he ever played a good game with the Nats? Even when he made an appearance on his home field in the last qualifiers he was terrible. I must be missing something, becuse there are too many people say he is doing ok.

  8. Did you see the French lineup? That core of forwards and midfielders? These aren’t just future stars — they are performing very well at the highest levels of European football. Benzema, Ribery? Two of the highest-rated highest-paid players in the world. Remy, Menes, Gonalons? They’re establishing real names for themselves. Dempsey is the only attacking USA player who might have made that team. Even their defense is better than ours, — I think Boca is at their level, and maybe Cherundolo, but that’s it.

    1-0 is not a surprising or poor result, given the talent gap. What’s disappointing is the USA didn’t even threaten to score.

  9. I think all six spots are up for grabs, except Mexico’s — they’re the only team that I cannot see failing to advance. Notwithstanding El Tri’s troubles last time around, the current edition is so much better than the competition that I can’t see them having much trouble. Maybe they’ll face one upset, but that’s it.

    As for the USA, Guatemala is become a very tough opponent for the US, so, I don’t think we’re guaranteed the top spot. Jamaica’s speed will always pose a considerable threat on the counter-attack, so the US needs to exploit the weak Jamaican defense. Bradley’s team was able to do just enough of this in the Gold Cup. Will Klinsi’s anemic offense show better?

  10. This point about WCQ seeding not factoring in Gold Cup results is an important point. And reveals how the nasty political manipulation inside CONCACAF can impact the competition on the field. CONCACAF voteing power is consolidated in the small carribean nations. Seeding WCQ after the carribean tourney but prior to Gold Cup creates favourable rankings for the as US, Canada, and Mexico don’t play any gold cup qualifier.

  11. Seriously, the Chicken Little nonsense that goes on on these boards these days is seriously getting out of hand. I read seriously read about 1st losing season, blah, blah, blah.

    It’s either we make up our minds and try and grow by playing better teams – losing but learning – or we pound up on teams in our region, get winning records and get smacked in the face come WC time.

    I thought nothing held a candle-stick to the hyperbole spewing England fans, but we do learn well from our cousins. I think we have surpassed them.

  12. not to mention williams is all a central midfielder that explains alot about why there is nothing offensive being created…we are going backwards big time….sad to say.

  13. the way we are playing nothing is a given and it sure as hell wont be easy…anybody that things it will be better get a reality check…in any other country klinsmann would have been fired…thats a fact.
    the position we have the most options is in the middle of the field yet the choice of players leaves a lot to be said not to mention there performance.
    if we continue to play with beckerman and edu in the next game with the same type of output then i would fire him, and start fresh in jan…kinn
    ear would be my choice.

  14. The FIFA rankings used to determined the seeds were before the Gold Cup and after the Centroamericana and Caribbean Cup tournaments.

    Thus the top 6 teams were.

    USA, Mexico

    Honduras, Costa Rica – Copa Centroamericana finalists

    Jamaica, Cuba – Winner and 3rd place in Caribbean Cup. Guadeloupe finished 2nd but is not a FIFA member.

  15. hahahahaah. Oh no because the US lost 1-0 to France and Belgium we wont be able to handle Jamaica and Antigua!



  16. The fall of Trinity & Tobago is shocking. Just yesterday they were playing a World Cup game against Germany… And a fine game may I add.

  17. Cuba got the bye because they were top 6 in the rankings at the time of seeding. They did well in the caribbean championship which has extra weight in FIFA ranking points due to the fact it’s a continental qualifier.

    In other news, the decline of Trinidad is remarkable. 2 failed Gold Cup qualifications and now knocked out of world cup qualifying with three years to go. Ouch!

  18. Good thing we have a great core of veteran players, cause if Klinsmann thinks he can cake walk through these games he will get bounce out.

    Prediction Bruce Arena will be coach this time next year, unless Klinsmann turns things around. Prove me wrong Klinsy prove me wrong.


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