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Dempsey breaks American record with game-winning goal against Liverpool

Deuce (Getty Images)

Clint Dempsey's legend at Fulham continues to grow with every goal he scores.

The Texas native did it again on Monday, scoring an 85th-minute winner for Fulham in a 1-0 victory over Liverpool. Minutes after hitting the crossbar with a bending effort from the top of the area, Dempsey found himself in perfect position to slot home a spilled rebound by Pepe Reina from close range.

With the goal, Dempsey set a new standard for Americans in the Premier League. He entered the match tied with Brian McBride with 36 Premiership goals but now owns that record for his own.

Here's video of Dempsey's goal that etched his name in the record books and gave Fulham a much-needed three points:


What do you make of Dempsey's goal record? What did you think of his performance against Liverpool? 

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  1. Reyna was a great player, but he sucked in France ’98. Hejduk looked awesome compared to him.

    As a midfielder you need to score a few goals to go down as a great player.

    If your team can’t score goals, everything else is irrelevant.

    I’m not saying a great player has to be leading goal scorer, but you should contribute– like JOB’s tap in 2002.

    Reyna blasted shots all over the place in ’98. For me, he was a huge disappointment. He settled down for 2002, but he looked pretty lousy in 2006.

    If Reyna had scored at least one goal in 2002 I’d give him more props.

    As it is, make mine Dempsey or even Donovan. I don’t like Donovan much, but I’m sure he will go down in history as one of the greatest players ever for the USMNT. He just runs like a girl, so it takes away his credibility.

  2. The beauty of Demp’s goal is his anticipation and nose for goal. As soon as the winger cuts inside with the ball, Demps breaks for the near post, anticipating the shot and leaving his defender in the dust. While he scored from close in, he was the only player in the area that put himself in position to make a play on the ball. And that makes it a great effort and great goal.

  3. *Disclaimer* Donovan and Dempsey are both great players, and I don’t really care whos is supposedly better than the other. On that note, I think the MLS vs EPL argument is stupid as the comparison, if you leave Donovans accomplishments on the International level out of the equation? It simplifies an already simply stupid topic to begin with!

  4. are you really comparing winning a cup with Rangers in the Scottish league with Dempsey’s competition in the EPL? Newsflash, you should win a cup if you are on Celtic or Rangers in the Scottish league, if you don’t win it’s glaring. Edu won one but I don’t think we’ll be elevating him in this discussion.

    Dempsey plays on a mid-level team in the EPL, a league that contains Man. U, Arsenal, Liverpool (who has beaten), Chelsea, etc. His failure to win in this league surely can’t be evidence that he’s not a great player. Dempsey actually produces against good teams often in spite of his own team. What’s astounding is that you would make the assumption that it is.

    Also, the assumption that players need to win medals to be considered the best is completely bogus if there’s not any standardization of the value of the medal. Winning a league cup in Scotland would need to be standardized with results gained in the EPL, so you could actually compare if where Deuce’s team finished was actually higher, all other things held equal, than where Reyna’s team finished. If you can’t standardize, you can’t compare. This is why the Golden Ball doesn’t always go to the player who scores 30 goals in the Dutch League, because people with actual nous of the sport understand that the quality of the league varies and you can’t compare goals scored in one league directly with another. Please revise and resubmit your argument.

  5. I agree 1000%. I got all excited this summer when there were rumblings about him moving to PSG or Roma. The guy just deserves a season under the big lights.


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