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Donovan set for second Everton loan


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Landon Donovan had his first training session with Everton on Friday, officially kicking off his second loan spell with the club.

"We're delighted to have Landon back, he's trained today and it's easy for him to settle in with a great group of boys here who will make it easy for him," Everton manager David Moyes said during his Friday press conference. "He looks in decent condition, and we'll try and give him a good four of five days training and have him ready as soon as we possibly can."

While Donovan is not eligible to play for Everton in Sunday's match against West Brom, he will be able to play in Wednesday's match against Bolton at Goodison Park — the first of nine matches during his spell with the Toffees.

Donovan did an interview with Everton TV, where he touched on topics such as his hopes for this loan term, this past year with the Los Angeles Galaxy, what he's been doing since MLS Cup, his memories of his last stint with Everton and even Stuart Holden's impact on Bolton. 

Give the interview a watch (and check out photos from today's training), and let us know your expectations and predictions for Donovan's latest foray into the Premier League. 


  1. Moyes, “He looks in decent condition,”.
    That’s not a ringing endorsement for someone who has to hit the ground running because of short stay. My guess, based on Landon’s performance at the end of MLS and subsequent layoff, he’ll be used more often as a sub than a starter.

  2. On the Everton FC page where your link to the video went, they had a sidebar feature called “Donovan’s Back: Photos”. Until I took a look at the pics, I actually thought they literally took photos of LD’s back! Maybe he has a lot of unique tattoos back there….

  3. With this addition, everyone on the team just got better. I don’t think Dempsey’s had that effect historically, but probably closing the gap in recent years.

  4. Those would be incredible numbers, you really think he’ll do that well? Everton are not the team they were when he last played for them. Are you the guy that said Everton could win the league title if Donovan played for them full time? Someone did seriously say that…

  5. Wow he looks great in those pictures, looks like he has really fit in well in their warm up jog and stretching drills. Based on those pictures he should be ready to jump into their starting line up right away.

  6. Looking forward to watching LD at Everton. I really think he will excel. It certainly helps that Dempsey has done so well at Fulham in that it gives him added confidence, motivation to also make his mark as an American playing in the EPL.

    Good luck Landon…!

  7. I can’t think of another occasion when a team (and their fans) in a top league seemed so excited to have an American back in their squad. Great to see! Hopefully LD will feed off that excitement and thrive in his Toffee Tales sequel.

  8. how did he do in training? did he score? what did Moyes say about his performance? was he on the wing or up top? was he fit? did he hug neville? is there a video? does he start Wed? did friedel see this?


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