Is an Henry return to Arsenal a good idea?

Is an Henry return to Arsenal a good idea?

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Is an Henry return to Arsenal a good idea?


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One of the more interesting rumors of the holiday season in Europe surrounds Thierry Henry's potential return to Arsenal on a short-term loan in January. Nobody at Arsenal is publicly admitting it is in the works (Arsene Wenger said he has yet decide whether to pursue it), and there is no guarantee that the New York Red Bulls would be willing to let their star player go on a loan, but the idea remains an intriguing one.

Is it a good idea? From a practical standpoint, Arsenal could use some attacking help come January, when Marouane Chamakh and Gervinho will depart for the African Cup of Nations. Henry has spent part of the off-season training with Arsenal, so Arsene Wenger should have a good idea if Henry can still contribute.

Such a move wouldn't without risk.

We need only look at David Beckham's last loan move, back in 2010 with AC Milan, where a torn Achilles cost Beckham the World Cup and most of the MLS regular season, to see the risk of letting a star player go on loan. Henry is 34, and while he has done well to avoid major injuries through his career, playing Premier League games would certainly put him at risk.

Then there is possibility of having Henry tarnish his legendary image at Arsenal. He will always be one of Arsenal fans' most beloved players, and that won't change regardless of how a potential loan might go, but a disappointing loan could provide a less than ideal conclusion to Henry's time as an Arsenal player. As it stands, Arsenal fans remember Henry as the legendary striker who always played at a high level. If he were to struggle through a month or two on loan, it would be a forgettable final chapter to a still amazing time at Arsenal.

What do you think of a potential Henry loan move to Arsenal? Great idea, or not worth the risk?

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Do I think it's a good idea? I think Henry could help Arsenal, and Gunners fans will love him no matter how he does, but I don't see the New York Red Bulls letting him go.

What do you think of a Henry loan to Arsenal? Love the idea? Think it would be a mistake?

Share your thoughts below.

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