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Soccer Tuesday: Your Running Commentary

Robin Van Persie (Getty)

The post-Boxing Day schedule is a light one, but Arsenal kicks things off today with a chance to break into the Premier League Top Four with a victory against Wolverhampton (10am, Fox Soccer Plus).

Robin Van Persie will look to break the Arsenal club record for goals in a calendar year (he is currently tied with Thierry Henry at 34 goals) and has two games to try and match Alan Shearer's English Premier League record of 36.

Today's schedule offers a match-up of newly-promoted clubs as Swansea and Queens Park Rangers square off in what should be an entertaining encounter (12pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

If you want to watch an American player in action, you can see American-born defender Zak Whitbread as he and Norwich City play host to Tottenham (2:30pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

If you will be watching today's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. Happy to see Spurs perform well and keep the pressure on Chelsea just below them and the Manchester teams above them. I’d prefer a four or three horse race rather than just two going at it.

  2. Whitbread essentially gave up that goal. Abandoning Bale and missing the pass Adebayor. All credit to both Adebayor and Bale but if Whitbread reads the situation right, that pass doesn’t happen in the first place.

  3. Off topic, but I’d really like to see Agudelo bought by a team like Liverpool and loaned out to a team like Swansea where he could get playing time. Swansea play some really quick, beautiful football and Agudelo could possibly get some quality minutes at a high level.

  4. Good point for Wolves. Like how the made RVP strike and pass with his right boot. Are British announcers employees of clubs like MLB? They seem to always favor the top sides.

  5. I’ve been trying to figure which player on a “big” team Dempsey is most similar to. In other words, if Dempsey were on a bigger team, what would his contribution seem like?

    I think he would be like Dirk Kuyt with a little more flair. Solid contributor, makes the team better, plucky goal scorer. Another player I considered besides Kuyt was VanDerVaart, but I think Clint is better in the air. Anyone have any other thoughts?

  6. Tradition.

    Used to be the Holiday crowds were really big. They take a winter break for the weather on the Continent but the English seem to think that is wimpy.

  7. dumb question but why are so many PL matches played around the holiday season? It’s like 4-5 in a 2 week period. Curious as to why? and why doesn’t the PL take a 3-4week break like in France/Germany

  8. Yesterday Dempsey scored his 14th league goal of 2011 and thus his 39th league goal for Fulham. Nearly 40 goals in just under 5 years. I sure hope some big teams are watching him.


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