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Sporting KC acquires Convey


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Sporting Kansas City's week of wheeling and dealing has ended with an exclamation point.

The club acquired Bobby Convey from the San Jose Earthquakes in exchange for an international roster slot. 

Convey, who did not have his contract option picked up by San Jose after this past season, was part of the initial list of players available in the MLS Re-Entry Draft, but that is no longer the case after Sporting KC stepped up to trade for the veteran left winger.

In addition to giving the Earthquakes some flexibility in the international market, losing Convey clears up a good deal of cap space for San Jose, as Convey was on the books for $336,000 in guaranteed compensation last season. It remains to be seen what kind of deal Convey gets with Sporting KC.

The move caps a busy week for both teams. Sporting KC dealt Davy Arnaud to Montreal to re-acquire Seth Sinovic and traded a Supplemental Draft pick to Chivas USA for midfielder Paulo Nagamura. San Jose, meanwhile, swung trades for Shea Salinas and Jean Alexandre before offloading Convey.

What do you think of the move? Do you see Convey fitting in with Sporting KC? What do you make of each team's trades this week?

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  1. I see Convey as serving more as depth in Midfield and the left side, we have a shortage of left footed players. He could also be useful in bringing more attack to our left midfield spot. Also, in a flexible formation like SKC runs versatility is great, and Convey can play multiple positions.

    It’s also worth noting that Bravo prefers to cut inside, so Convey could bring mores crosses from the left flank.

  2. It’s not about whether Convey is a good as he used to be. He’s not.

    I am not a Convey fan but the question KC has to ask about him is whether or not he is better than whoever it is that he replaces.

    I can’t answer that since I did not see enough of KC.

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  4. Convey’s best days are behind him. Unless he was injured the whole time he played for the Quakes he was never even close to the player he was. Don’t get your hopes up with this guy K.C. fans. You will be diappointed.

    As for the Quakes and the foregin alocation slot. They will bring in another nobody/hasbeen/noname/nonpedigreed disappointment.

    But on the up side they are looking to start selling luxury suites for their non existant stadium!

  5. “losing Convey clears up a good deal of cap space for San Jose”

    What they meant to write is “getting rid of Convey clears up a good deal of cap space for San Jose”.

  6. If this does not put SKC into MLS Cup next season idk what will. They got rid of the dead weight & gained Bobby Convey & Naga. They have 4 good MLS strikers to depend on, they almost lost sinovic but regained him, & they can now depend on Zusi, Convey, Espinoza to lead in the midfield which is very good. Nagamura is another good pickup & could make the holding mid role his if he regains his form from before this last injury plagued season for him. They have atleast 1 more DP slot aswell that they could use for a good right sided player probably..

  7. In order for this trade to happen, San Jose first had to negotiate a new contract with Convey that was acceptable to SKC. His new level of compensation has already been established, and he has already agreed to it; we just do not know yet what that amount is.

  8. I forget how it works but if you pick someone up on the Re-Entry draft you have to pay him certain percentage of his prearranged salary for his next option year.

    I don’t know exactly how much this is for but it was meant to protect the player and if teams don’t want to pay players that much then after the 2nd round of the Re-Entry draft they become free to sign with whomever they like.

    The purpose of signing someone now right before the cutt of line to sign a player on the Re-Entry list is to negotiate a smaller contract and that’s pretty much pubic knowledge among players.

  9. An interested motivated Convey could easily get 20 assists next year aiming at the noggins of Sapong, Kamara, Bravo, and Bunbury. Frank Yallop is an idiot for alienating him.

  10. i don’t know how these things work, but i’d think since they gave up something for convey, if he leaves to go abroad then whatever they gave up was a waste. so that might improve his bargaining position.

  11. One thing I dont understand about these re-entry trades is how players arent just going to get low-balled by the clubs in these situations.

    Convey’s options are to sign with SKC or move abroad, right? Really gives SKC the upper hand on salary negotiations one would think.

  12. I have to think Convey would be excited by the move, with SKC playing a 4-3-3, attacking oriented style. He gives us a LW who can cross which SKC can definitely use.

    Not only is SKC young and talented, but now we are building a deep team as well. Good job, OnGoal.

    Let’s go, Sporting!

  13. Good for both sides. Should be a good fit for Convey and good to see that SJ is looking for an international player…..fingers crossed Ballack.

  14. It’s a good pickup for SKC. They can be title contenders next year. I am an SKC fan and I am very happy with what they have done with the franchise over the past year. Very smart owners.


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