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Donovan, Friedel set to face off in must-see match on Wednesday

Landon Donovan 1 (Getty Images)

Remember when Brad Friedel made those comments about Landon Donovan? Well, today is the day Donovan can make his former teammate eat those words.

Donovan and Friedel are set to square off on Wednesday afternoon when Everton visits Tottenham in a game American fans have been salivating over ever since Donovan agreed to a loan deal with Everton. The match, which will also see Tim Howard in action, will air live at 2:30pm on Fox Soccer.

Still in search for his first goal since rejoining the Toffees, Donovan could open his account against Friedel, who made some less-than-generous comments about Donovan to a radio show in December.

Donovan has kept mum on the subject, but a strong performance against Friedel and the Spurs might make more of a statement than any comment could.

How do you see Donovan's match-up against Friedel turning out? Have your DVR set to record? Think Donovan will score?

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  1. I think that with improved compensation the league is already moving towards your ideal situation. This year the MLS poached a couple of players from Scandinavian leagues and historically it used to be the other way around. Of course, they cannot compete financially with the likes of La Liga, EPL, Bundesliga, but at least they are in a better position financially to keep their younger players from leaving for third tier European leagues.

  2. Stupidest analogy ever by TGA.

    For MLS to begin to capture the sporting public’s attention SOME of our stars need to stay home even when they can make much more money abroad. This is one of the main reasons for the existence of the DP rule. And it is working. LD has done far more for the growth of the sport in the US than Friedel ever did (or Dempsey, for that matter)…simply because he plays in the states.

    Good for LD. I hope Everton torches Spurs (not likely, though).

  3. But he does have a stellar European club record to rest on, which was the exact subject he was addressing. Bottom line is Landon and his defenders need to get some thicker skin and realize that every statement that doesn’t put him in a glowing light is not necessarily a criticism of him

  4. Not that LD is above criticism, but his performance for the Nats more than outweighs his “taking the easy road.”

    Friedel’s comments were harmless, but still kind of foolish. He doesn’t have a stellar reputation with the USMNT to rest upon.

  5. he did not take the “easy” route. You think being the face of both the USMNT and MLS is easy? I think it’s a TON of pressure, which he performs in and has performed in very well and admirably

    who do Mexican soccer fans hate the most? He takes that on and returns in kind. Love that.

    being out front is hardly the easy road, we disagree

    it’s a different road than Clint’s both worthy of the highest respect from US fans seems to me

  6. I’ve never heard him comment. But thanks for the info… And I will tell you, that the Russian girls are eager to please but money hungry and a little bitchy. And the Asian brides, well, lets just say don’t turn your back when they’re holding a knife, and always buckle your seat-belt.

  7. as Ives has said A LOT, he does not choose the ads. it is Google Ads which generate ads based on what YOU search. soooooo, you tell us?! haha

  8. So, Americans aren’t allowed to criticize other American players? Or would you have rather Friedel waited until he retired and was an ESPN studio guy? Come on. He can speak his mind. I do think there’s more to Donovan’s story than just an unwillingness to play against the best, but it is still fair to wonder, developmentally, how it would have helped him to find a good situation in Europe.

    I mean, you could also read it as a compliment in a way, that Friedel is saying Donovan has/had the talent to succeed in Europe; that’s different than saying that he’s not good enough to play outside MLS.

  9. Ives,

    what’s up with the Russian and Asian mail order bride advertisements on your site?

    And on a side note, I hope Donovan fires two past Friedel and his fake English accent, and rubs it in.

  10. well said, tho I hear your point too, Eurosnob

    But why not look up to Landon, too? On the National Team level, his accomplishments speak for themselves, something for American up and comers to dare to achieve and surpass

    anyway, fun game to watch here in about 45 minutes 🙂

  11. He didn’t throw anyone under the bus. He said Landon stayed in MLS where it was easier for him. This is an undisputable fact.


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