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Revolution sign pair from America de Cali


America de Cali's loss has turned out to be the New England Revolution's gain.

The Revolution announced the signings of centerback John Lozano and attacking midfielder Fernando Cardenas from the traditional Colombian giant, which was relegated to the country's second division last month.

New England benefits as a result of some of the roster turnover at the club, bringing in two Colombians with top-flight South American experience. Lozano, 27, had been with America de Cali since 2010 after an extended time with Deportivo Pereira and he'll press for time alongside A.J. Soares in central defense.

The 23-year-old, left-footed Cardenas, meanwhile, played in the Copa Libertadores while on loan from Pereira to Once Caldas in 2010. He made his way to America de Cali last summer and played in eight games, scoring a goal in the relegation playoff series.

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  1. Kraft will never built the build a SSS in Boston as he built the Patriot Place complex and needs it occupied when the Pats are not playing. All the talk of the research close to 5 years ago about the project in Somerville (an immediate suberb of boston and on the MBTA line) was a complete farce to get people off their backs. No player wants to play at Gillett stadium which looks completely barren for games. Kraft has to sell the team. Make a profit and sell it to a group that gives a crap.

  2. Is it true? We signed players who are not past their prime and have played on proven teams?

    It’ll be interesting to see how they fit in. Another attacking midfielder to play off of Feilhaber. And, as great as Soares is, it’ll be good for him to play beside a more experienced player. I think.

  3. Given how much the Revs others signings last year suckes @ss, I can’t be too excited about this until the actually show well here … talk to me next June.

  4. Actually, depending on winds, you can be in London in less than 6 hours, sometimes, and it’s only 5hrs time difference to England. There’s been interesting discussion around resigning Rajko Lekic, part of which mentioned how much he and his family like the area. Foxboro just happens to be the least appealing part of it, in a variety of senses.

  5. sure-in a perfect world, people will go to bad cities. It’s not a slight to say that, as MLS develops, it relies on external factors to boost its attractiveness to foreign players. It seems a bit naive to think that most of them don’t come here at least in part to live in the US. What I take issue with is their odd conceptions of what are ‘good’ American cities. I think most of them assume the US must be like Europe, with 1, 2, maybe 3 max desirable cities to live in per country(not necessarily true a la Spain, etc. but they perceive it that way). They don’t understand that New York, Los Angeles, the bay area, Chicago, Boston, D.C., Philadelphia, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Miami if they ever get a team, all are incredibly attractive options, even from their point of view. Then add in cities like Seattle and Denver that are also awesome but they might not think are, there are clearly plenty of good places to come.

  6. I imagine Boston would be attractive to Europeans for proximity reasons too. Boston’s 7 hour flight and 6 time zones to London is a lot easier to manage than LA’s 11 hour flight and 9 time zones. Obviously only applies for players still in their national team, but that makes a big difference over time.
    Also, this discussion is really just a slight at MLS. Not many players complain about moving to 2nd-tier cities like Manchester, Turin (Juventus), Sevilla, Lyon, etc. If the quality (or money) is good enough, people will live anywhere.

  7. Well from Pires’ comments about Philadelphia, it seems like many european stars only really see LA and NY as interesting destinations. I think Boston, Chicago, SF, would all be extremely attractive places to live.

  8. Just out of curiosity, in a world in which New England spends a ton of money, plays in a awesome SSS, maybe changes their name to Boston, how high are they on stereotypical European guy x’s list of cities he would want to play in? I would assume behind LA/NY, but maybe not that far? Lots of European immigrants or descendents of immigrants, east coast, well-known internationally for the Red Sox even if they don’t really know baseball, etc.


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