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Earthquakes add Colombian Moreno


photo by Howard C. Smith/

The San Jose Earthquakes have added some punch to their attack, and it comes in the form of Colombian midfielder Tressor Moreno.

The Earthquakes announced they signed Moreno on Thursday, adding a 33-year-old attacking midfielder with experience playing for clubs in Colombia, France, Mexico, Peru and Chile. Moreno has also represented the Colombian national team in his career, scoring seven goals in 32 games for the South Americans.

The 5-foot-8 Moreno most recently played for Chilean outfit Santiago Wanderers, where he scored once in 16 games in 2011.

What do you think of the Earthquakes landing Moreno? Do you see him being a starter this season?

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  1. I hope you’re right. The home fans deserve a winning record at home in a bad way. if it happened this year it would be for the first time since the Quakes 3.0 reboot.

  2. Rosales just proves the point that certain players are better fits for different teams. It absurd to judge a player based on which league he is coming from. Rafa Marquez captains the best international team in Concacaf and came from the best club team in the world, but he isn’t a god with New York. He is a good player, but he has to be utilized correctly in a certain role.

    Pardo elevated Chicago’s level of play last year because he was the type of player that the team was lacking.

  3. The transitivity doesn’t really work like that. The Denver Broncos picked have picked up two DT’s this year that both got cut from other teams practice squads, and they have probably been two of the best DT’s in teh league this year. players fit in at different places

  4. moreno, bernardez, and that turkish guy. all experienced players, all what the earthquakes needed. i expect big things from them in 2012

  5. I follow the Mexican league, what I’m trying to say is that these players were released from their Mexican clubs due to their lack of efficiency. They can no longer contribute to their teams and were replaced by younger players. By all means, they are wash-ups from the Mexican league. Heck, I remember relegation fighting Queretaro passed on Mauro Rosales because he did not meet expectations during his trial, that led him to MLS and he becomes a MVP candidate. He couldn’t even make it to queretaros first squad. MLS teams have been picking up these players for a while now, players who no longer have an impact on the Mexican league get to come to MLS.

  6. he has good talented, i think that he will do good work with san jose. new england revolution brought 3 new players from colombia (D, M, F). to highlight is fernando cardenas(M) is young, have very good control with the ball, is a good passer and finisher to look

  7. hmm, clearly you’re not close to 30 yrs in age or you wouldnt throw around the term ‘washed up’ so easily.

    a quick survey shows a number of players over age 30 who are anything but dead weight collecting paychecks:

    DeRosario – 33
    Benitez – 33
    Dunivant – 31
    Joseph – 33
    Cesar – 33
    Lindpere – 30
    Mullan – 33
    Ferreira – 32

    as for Moreno, he’s a technically gifted player with a small frame, not some 6 foot defender who’s lost a step, and reports are that he’s done ok in the recent beep tests. Besides, the Quakes learned their lesson shopping online w/ that Edmundo Zura fiasco last year.

  8. Yeah, I was impressed by what I saw of him on the Colombian Gold Cup team in 2003, when they beat Mexico in Houston (that was so long ago it pre-dates the Dynamo by a few years!). But is he the same player, struck down in his prime by Old Fart Disease, etc., who knows.

    He was last playing in Chile so if the Colombian league has issues that’s only pertinent to the extent we beat them to the signature. The world’s not in great financial shape and the upside to our salary cap setup is probably that the checks come on time, unlike some Mexican and European sides that are superficially more attractive. Does it really do DmB any good to be in Mexico for a supposedly higher price tag if they don’t actually pay it, seize the bus, pull down weight equipment, etc.?

  9. I haven’t seen Moreno play in a couple of years but based on precious viewings, he was class. Is he now? I have no idea. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but Jackson, previously of FCD, kind of reminded me or Moreno. Small stocky frame, good speed, strong as an ox, can play all across the midfield and can combine that physical strength with a nice simple style of play that’s effective.

  10. Jesus Christ! 33 years old? How come MLS is picking up Mexican league wash-ups…Pardo 32, Blas Perez 31(second division Mexico), Tressor 33

  11. Didn’t someone say the Columbian League is having serious financial issues and that is why a lot of Columbians have been signed? Obviously this isn’t an example of that, but it is great for the MLS that they are picking off these talented South American players.

  12. Hmmm…I do wish the Quakes signed more exciting players. Just not sure about the team’s ambition as a whole. Hopefully this guys turns out to be pretty good.


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