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SBI Live Q&A (Feb. 3rd Edition)

LandonEverton (Getty)

It is that time again. Time for us to discuss all things soccer in the latest SBI Live Q&A.

Join me as I take questions on all aspects of the sport, as well as some pop culture questions, for the next hour or two.

Want to talk U.S. national team? Landon Donovan's loan? The MLS pre-season? The new season of Southland? Rick Ross' new album? If you want to talk about it, send your questions my way and I will answer as many as I can.

Let's get started (Q&A is after the jump):


  1. “The results speak for themselves – right now he’s the best point guard in the EPL!”

    Which makes me wonder, has anyone ever seen Steve Nash play soccer? I hear he’s very good. After his commercials with LD it makes you wonder.

  2. Gotta disagree. Watch a Galaxy game. Donovan lives to go straight at defenders. That’s why he still has some skeptics vis a vis his play at Everton. I have to agree with GW – it must be the tactic Moyes has asked him to take on – hold up the ball, set the offense. The results speak for themselves – right now he’s the best point guard in the EPL!

  3. double agreed. Especially when you consider that 99.9% of all hip hop artists have never watched a soccer game in their lives.

  4. Not to mention, Donovan has never been a 1v1 artist. I don’t understand why people are disappointed that he is not taking more people on when that has never really been his strong suit. He is playing well, enough said.

  5. Donovan has gone 90 in every Everton game since he got there. That adds up to about 7 games in the last month. Quite a lot for a player who is in his off season even one as fit as LD.

    It’s clear to me Moyes has asked LD to tone down his naturally aggressive style so he can get more minutes/games out of him. Moyes does not want goals out of LD per se; he expects him to lift the offense and get the team going.

    Moyes is one of the best managers around and is using LD perfectly; this is a clinic on how to get the most out of a short term loan.

    I think he realises LD is not Superman.

    It is not pretty but it is working.

    Now that he has Pienaar back maybe you’ll see LD get more aggressive and maybe he will actually get to rest.

  6. I hear you, but I also have the feeling that he plays a bit tentatively.

    I watched the Everton v. Fulham game and at times I was a bit disappointed.

    Feillaini (or however you spell his name) has a huge head. Gibson is one of the best shots from distance in the league.

    I fully admit that Donovan is playing well, and the stats prove it of course, but I’d like him to have more shots on goal.

  7. i know this is a little late, but just a little note for that toolbag “Soccer Guy” from the other day who said Donovan wasn’t playing well and that Moyes should bench him: Opta just posted a stat that Donovan has 5 assists in 630 minutes played, more than any player in ALL English League/Cup games in that span

    yea, he’s pretty terrible

  8. I think Klinsi would tend to agree. Possible, though, that our guys have a little more tread on the tire when they age b/c of less games when younger. Tough to say for sure.

  9. What is this Drake vs Common nonsense? I don’t even know who those people are, but why do so many of you care what Ives thinks of them? Just bizarre…

  10. On the Cameron question at the end – he’s 26! Not saying he can’t make it in the EPL “in a few years” but it puts into perspective what the college system does to young talent in this country that, in the MLS/America Cameron is “young.”


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