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D.C. United vs. FC Dallas: Match Night Commentary

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D.C. United is still in search of their first victory of the season and will be at RFK Stadium tonight looking for it against FC Dallas (7:30pm, NBC Sports Network).

D.C. is coming off a tie at Vancouver that saw the defense look good but the offense continue to struggle. FC Dallas is coming off a disappointing loss to Sporting Kansas City, but will provide a stiff test for D.C. at RFK Stadium.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight's match so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match (Tonight's commentary is after the jump):



  1. Awesome coverage, better than any American sport. White is better than an American PBP guy in any sport. The production is better than the overhyped NFL and NBA

    NBC needs to focus more on a pre-game show. The post-game coverage is solid.

  2. Players are often ignorant of the rules. Kyle Martino proved that with his inane babble about Perez’s offside goal being a “gray area.”

  3. It would help if Martino and White actually learned the laws of the game. The commentary about Perez’s offside offense was embarassing. Both should be required to review this
    (particularly where it pertains to gaining an advantage, which is not a “gray area” as Martino argued but rather cut and dry). It’s not even my job to analyze soccer and I know more than they do. Be professional and do your homework!

    Of course if the linesman doesn’t know the rules how can we expect the commentators to as well? But it is a big upgrade from FSC.

  4. Yeah. The commentator called it a ‘tactical foul.’

    I’m sitting here thinking… tactical foul? Pulling someone’s shirt to stop them is a tactical foul. Stabbing your cleats at someone’s shins as they run past you is just violent.

  5. Completely agree with both things you’ve written to. Ihemulu deserves a red for the kick – that was absurd to watch.

  6. And just more examples of inept MLS officiating.

    Ihemelu gets beaten so he kicks out at the shins of the DC United player running past him… and he doesn’t even get a yellow?

    That should be a red for violent play.

  7. Here’s directly from USSoccer:

    “At the same time, offside positioned players can infringe the law when they receive a ball that has been played by a teammate even though the ball has rebounded off the opponent (as well as goalpost or crossbar) – this is the concept of gaining an advantage by being in an offside position.”

  8. These are supposed to be professional referees …. right? My Sunday rec league officials would have known that rule, really sad that these career officials don’t.

  9. nbc sports needs to step up their game. the cameramen do a tight shot up the ball and watching dc vs dallas feels like watching the blair witch project.
    and any wide shot of the play includes half the screen being filled by stands?!

    someone needs to teach them how to film a football match, its unwatchable i changed the channel long ago.

    i cant even watch domestic football without a dose of zofran?!

  10. What rules?

    A deflection does not negate offside. He was so far offside that it’s pathetic.

    The only time a player can be in that position and not be called offside is if the defender controls the ball and plays an intentional pass back.

    He stabbed at the ball and it deflected to a guy who was 3-4 yards offside at the time of the pass, and was still offside at the deflection, which doesn’t matter anyways.

  11. Yup, it was offside. The defender has to control the ball for the play to “reset” and he clearly did not do that. Too bad the officials missed it.

  12. Um he was 3 or 4 yards offside. And a touch by the defender doesn’t negate offside, and he was still offside when the defender deflected it too.

    That’s just bad officiating. And even worse commentating from the NBC hosts… they should know the rules.

  13. Is anybody else incredibly happy with the NBC Sports Network and their coverage? Good coverage, and I’m surprised at how many games are on. Incredible. I just hope a lot of people get this channel.


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