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Olympic Qualifying: USA vs. Cuba (Match Night Commentary)

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The U.S. Men's Under-23 national team takes the first step toward qualification for the summer Olympics tonight against Cuba in CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying in Nashville (9pm, Universal Sports Network/mun2).

The Americans enter the tournament as the favorite to win, and tonight's opening match should give us the first indications of just how strong this U.S. team is.

We don't know much about Cuba, other than the fact it is a team consisting of domestic-based players. The Cubans qualified out of the Caribbean region, ahead of the likes of Jamaica.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight's match so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight's commentary is after the jump):




  1. Good result, but the US team shouldn’t make too much of it. Cuba was a weak team and then got even weaker when they went down to 10. US needs to stay focused!

  2. Gyau and Shea are different types of players.

    Shea is as regarded as he is because he has developed a knack for scoring and creating goals.

    Gyau doesn’t do that. He may get there eventually but time will tell.

    As for Freddy,he’s not out of the woods yet.

    After all this time, he is still more about potential than actual production.

    Until he finds a sane club situation for himself, he is still at risk in terms of being a bust.

  3. Maybe not crazy but look at it this wayShea left Cuba was demoralized, down 4-0, down a man and exhausted.

    And Porter is not known for taking his foot off the gas.

  4. ” He typically uses his speed to create space, ”

    If you have speed that is what it is for.

    “but for a guy so young, he is very impressive with his head, particularly since it’s a skill guys often pick up later in their careers.”

    What makes you say that? Players get to be better overall as they gain experience but that applies to shooting, passing, tackling and positioning not just aerial abilty.There have been plenty of young players who are excellent in the air.

    You should also watch Fulham. They have this American named Clint who is about as good in the air as McBride was, though he is not perhaps quite as strong.

  5. Shea didn’t against a Cuban team, so relax with that noise as well. I know you have high hopes in Shea, but clearly you are clueless in regards to Gyau and what he brings to the left. Just like I said for years about Adu, I will say it for this new comer, papa…. Gyau is a better offensive and technical player than Shea. Gyau has more to offer. I highly doubt Shea could have pressured a sub-23 mex team like Gyau did with them. I think Shea is a decent player, but he is being overrated just a bit lately. He is too clumsy at times, and can’t take on players technically, he must do it with speed. Not the case with Gyau. Gyau is the only few players we have that knows what to do with the ball before receiving it. Adu, Clint, and Gyau. Put that en la parede PAPA!!!


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