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Taylor called into USA U-23 camp


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The U.S. Under-23 men's national team roster for Olympic qualifying appears set, with forward Tony Taylor getting called in as the 20th player on the squad.

Taylor was not originally included on the U.S. team, but an injury to an unnamed player (believed to be Columbus Crew midfielder Dilly Duka) over the weekend forced head coach Caleb Porter to look for an alternative.

Taylor, who played in the U.S. team's 2-0 win over Mexico in Dallas last month, will join the Americans on March 14 ahead of their Olympic qualifying opener on March 22 versus Cuba in Nashville, Tenn. The Jacksonville, Fla. native currently plays for Estoril Praia in Portugal's second division.

Porter can still make alterations to his team. He has until March 20 to submit an official 20-man roster to CONCACAF for the tournament.

What do you think of Taylor's inclusion? Think it should have been someone else like Sebastian Lletget or Andrew Wooten?

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  1. The Olympics still don’t cap tie him. If Klinsmann can get him this summer for a WCQ that cap ties him not these Olympics or Olympic qualifiers.

  2. Dramatic? Oook. You need to go and inform yourself a bit more in regards to Morales situation. Peru is knocking on his door and Morales is listening. HB not releasing him gives Peru time to persuade him to at least come into their camp and give it a shot. I believe he will be getting a call from Pizzaro soon. That’s all I’m saying.

    Peru is hurting for central defenders right now, and Morales would be in the senior team right out off the bat. Morales has shown interest for Peru. Otherwise I wouldn’t be commenting in regards to him.

  3. Peru has spoken to Morales a few times now. Actually, reports in Peru say they spoke to him just a few weeks prior to coming to Frisco. Also fans in Peru have opened up all kinds of blogs up to get his attention and overwhelm him with kindness. I didn’t say he will be running to Peru, but not caping him for the NATS or at least getting him in more games with the NATS, frees up space for the Peruvian coach and staff to keep insisting for him to try out playing for the Peruvian team, or at least giving the Peruvian team a try. He already said his heroes are Pizarro & Farfan and follows the Peru team very closely. So you guys on top, relax with your noise! I’m telling you what is coming out of Peru & Morales mouth.

    HB not releasing him makes room for Peru. That’s what I’m saying. If you follow Copa Libertadores or South American league Futbol, this topic comes up.

  4. I am a little concerned that we have so few defenders. I know Caleb is preaching versatility, but if one of those defenders gets hurt, you can’t move them to another spot. They are out. Just knocking on wood.

  5. how do you figured we lost him to Peru when Hertha didn’t release him. are you saying he was released to Peru. Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. Too bad he’s owned by the largest sports marketing firm in Brazil, and he plays in Portugal where it’s next to impossible for Americans to play.

  7. Are you kidding?

    Hertha didn’t release Morales because he regularly makes their 18, because they are trying to avoid relegation, and because they don’t have to.

    He’s not running off to Peru now that he’s tasted the US-Mexico rivalry and spent time in a senior camp. Also, Germany’s too deep to fight the U.S. over him.

  8. Well, gotta throw in Valentin then, too.

    Taylor didn’t have as much time to impress coming on late. Plus, he was the last sub so the starting XI had already been diluted by the time he came in.

    Bunbury was awful vs. Mexico. Sarkodie wasn’t too bad, but he didn’t turn heads. As a Dynamo fan, I am well aware of his propensity for red cards.

  9. A little dramatic there Hush.

    Unless I’m very wrong Olympic Qualifiers do not necessarily cap tie you to the US.

    Also, it seems certain that if the US qualify, then there is still a chance Morales’ club will release him for that.

  10. I got a “chicken little”-esque tone from reading this. If his club wouldn’t release him for the qualifying tournament, which unfortunately they aren’t obligated to do, then there’s nothing we can do. Doesn’t mean his international future now hangs in the balance. He could still be called in to the actual squad for the London games if we are able to qualify.

  11. Gatt has played RB for Molde apparently often enough to where he says he is comfortable in either position.

    A kid like Gatt should be comfortable at any number of flank positions.

  12. Very sad news imo. I was really hoping to cap tie Alfredo Morales. I strongly believe Morales will be a huge player in the years to come. Losing him to Peru would be devastating to U.S soccer. You can believe people in Peru are some-what celebrating… damn. Good for Tony getting called in, but Morales was the U.S price.

  13. I didn’t put much credence to the FC Dallas website listing Taylor as the 20th member when the roster was first announced. I guess they let slip some truth.

  14. Do you rememeber the U 20 world cup qualifying. When(if) we get to that semi its do or die. One crazy fluke game and you are done. Gotta stay focused and win them all from the start.

  15. SAME here, it´s a shame he´s not on the final roster, hope we bring him to the Olimpics, we don´t need another Subotic situation

  16. How hard is it to qualify? Will there be anyone at the Concacaf tournament who will be able to really compete with us? (Other than the team be beat Dos a Cero)

  17. It would have been Wooten if Kaiserslautern would release him, but with that being said I think it’s vital for Wooten to actually stay with Slautern at this time. He is on the verge of claiming constant first team football and possibly becoming a starting option for the team down a stretch of vital games that could either mean relegation or staying in the Bundesliga.
    pretty much knew it was going to be Taylor, and Morales is in the same boat as Wooten right now.

  18. Think it’s good for Taylor. He didn’t play well against Mexico, but has shown some nifty moves in previous camps.

    The chances of him making the final roster are slim, but that’s true across the board.

  19. Wooten scores a hat trick… I would have preferred him to Taylor.

    In any case, Porter better hope that his Akron buddies Bunbury and Sarkodie don’t make him look bad. I think most people expected Wooten and Sheanon Williams at those spots.

    Of course RB will be fine at the actual Olympics when Chandler gets brought in, but as of now we have Gatt and Sarkodie, neither one can play defense and both are primarily just fast, but at least Gatt has “he’s playing out of position” as a defense…

  20. Alfredo Morales.
    We should be happy that Hertha Berlin wouldn’t release him.

    In any case, we shouldn’t have much of a problem qualifying, and as long as we do, we get to add Chandler, Altidore, D Williams, and Morales, plus the three overage players. That is one heck of a team.


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