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Dynamo, Fire tie in match shortened by lightning

Fire Dynamo (Getty Images)

Mother nature was not a fan of the Chicago Fire or Houston Dynamo on Sunday.

The two teams played to a 1-1 draw at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Ill. in a match that was delayed twice by lightning before ultimately being called in the 66th minute.

Will Bruin and Logan Pause exchanged goals midway through the first half. Bruin got on the end of a pass from Brian Ching in the 24th minute before the Fire equalized three minutes later through Pause's first goal of the season.

Both teams looked for a winner, but the match was called off shortly after the hour mark as heavy lightning returned to the area.

Here are the match highlights:


What do you think of the Fire's draw with the Dynamo? Disappointed that inclement weather forced the game to end early?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Chicago’s goal was a fluke that hit the ball in the guy’s head as he tried to get out of the way. But I felt like we were having trouble clearing our end and that often results in goals, flukey or otherwise. I’ve always preferred playing on the other guy’s end.

    Our goal was nice and did break spades on the run of play, but I don’t see enough team offense to buy that we’ve really turned a corner there. We need more speed and playmaking. Everyone does not need to be a defender first.

    I’m a Taylor fan so no disagreement there. I remain in utter disbelief a Jamaican international backs up Corey Ashe. I see it as indicative of a 442-hidebound, pecking order mentality that ran off Koke, Kamara, Oduro, and a lot of other good players who aren’t DK’s best pals. [Koke notably played 5 games with 1 goal in La Liga (Spain) last fall, before moving on to some random squad in Baku for this year. But of course he sucks because he’s a tiki-taki type we were trying to cram into what is all too often a hoofball offense.]

    As a defender I could appreciate Sturgis’ getting stuck in. And he was composed playing backwards. But Camargo is also a DM IMO so it’s double stacking the formation backwards. I yearn for the DeRo days when we balanced the team D with actual offense….you know, when we won silverware. This team remains too much a Kinnear Karicature…..I hope that changes at the window….we can’t go on completely dependent on Davis.

  2. Yes it was a deflection on Puase, but on Houstons goal Freidrich slipped on the wet grass allowing Bruin to put in what pretty much their only real shot on goal. Fire clearly had more of the run of play.

  3. Fair points, but I’ll go for the positives:

    1) D was solid

    2) Chicago’s goal was a fluke and possible handball

    3) Jermaine Taylor looked surprisingly good

    4) Sturgis was solid as a DM

    5) Camargo’s back, albeit very rusty

    6) We finally have a goal from a forward

    7) I knocked out a good chunk of my book during the weather delays

  4. It’s almost like in boxing where a fighter gets poked in the eye with the opponents thumb and is unable to finish the match. If only a few rounds are fought then it’s cancelled but if more than, let’s say 5 rounds are fought then someone is declared a winner. Similar for this game, which was stopped twice due to bad weather, lightening, etc. There was a period of 1.5 hours where no soccer was being played. I’m a Houston fan and I’m happy to take a point on the road seeing how we have our first 7 games on the road which is already brutal. Chicago go lucky with that deflection but it counts, just like the way Seattle scored on Houston a few weeks ago by a lucky deflection. It shows that no matter what, take a shot when within range cause you never know what can happen. You just might get a goal.

  5. There was a reserve game this morning between the two teams and terrible conditions persisted again. Heavy rain and big gusts of wind have killed that game off, too. Just bad timing, it happens.

  6. I don’t think the weather put in a lineup that started a midfield Ashe/Camargo/Sturgis/Watson. Other than Ching’s moment of inspiration on the through ball, compounded by Sean Johnson diving out of the line of Bruin’s shot, we struggled offensively. Heck, Taylor looked like he was playing LB and LW for Ashe.

    Put differently, we have some young talent in the system that could have put Chicago more on the back foot than we did. Dixon for instance beat RSL by himself last year but never finds any PT. Instead I watched us bunker for 60+ minutes, ugly soccer with the exception of the goal. Personally I’m underwhelmed by going to a team below you in the standings and being content with an ugly road tie. I don’t think grinding out a point like this helps us win cup finals. The DeRo era version of the Dynamo used to put up 3, 4, even 5 goals some games.

    FWIW, this is our third straight 1-1 tie with the Fire, which might suggest we could risk a little tactically.

  7. Not a Dynamo or Fire fan, but it seems kind of unfair to me that the 66th minute score is being taken as the official result. There was nearly half an hour left! That’s plenty of time for more goals to be scored and for someone to win the game.

    Obviously it couldn’t have been played last night, but wouldn’t it have been possible to play the remaining time this morning or something?

  8. Admiration should be doled out to Section 8 for their pro-GLBT tifo used early in the match:

    Other than that, the weather created a fairly sloppy, forgettable match. As a Dynamo fan, I’m happy to move on.


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