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Ferreira out up to 8 weeks with foot fracture

Ferreira (Getty Images)

David Ferreira's 2012 comeback season has yet to materialize, and the 2010 MLS MVP has suffered yet another setback that will prevent his return to the field from happening anytime soon.

Ferreira will miss the next 6-to-8 weeks after suffering a small fracture in his right foot, FC Dallas announced on Tuesday. The procedure will be performed today by the same doctor who operated on Ferreira's broken ankle, which he suffered last April. In a club statement, FC Dallas' team doctor said that this injury is not related to the one that sidelined Ferreira for the majority of the 2011 season. This injury occurred during a training match in the preseason.

"David’s injury hasn’t responded to treatment the way we expected," FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman said in a statement. "He went back to the doctor for additional tests and got second and third opinions to be sure he chose the best path to recovery for him. We feel confident this is the best way to get David 100 percent back to the field."

Ricardo Villar will continue to man the attacking central midfield role while Ferreira continues his recovery. The timetable set by the club means that Ferreira could miss 11 more matches, including two bouts with Real Salt Lake and other crucial conference matches against the Los Angeles Galaxy, Colorado Rapids, Seattle Sounders and Vancouver Whitecaps.

If the club elects to play it safe, it will hold Ferreira out until after June's break for World Cup qualifiers, which would mean his potential return could happen against the Houston Dynamo at BBVA Compass Stadium on June 16. 


What do you think of this development? Do you think FC Dallas is in trouble without Ferreira for that long?

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  1. Ok, we’re not going to agree. You’ve made your accusation, I found it silly and without base.

    But my invitation to watch Unbreakable at my pad with me stands….

  2. Problem is that one way or another such a strategy WILL lead to ugliness

    By ugliness I mean protruding bones not just choppy play.

  3. That year when won MVP he also led the league in fouls suffered.

    They really are out to get him haha

    And why not? Its sure as hell effective!

    Problem is that one way or another such a strategy WILL lead to ugliness even without intention.

  4. Here’s the thing, the Dallas front office knew at least 2 months ago during preseason, maybe earlier, that Ferreira was still having serious ankle problems and was not close to being healthy. They should have brought in a replacement in the offseason b/c Jacobson and Villar are not going to cut it. Jacobson is solid and has talent but he isn’t going to carry the team.

  5. Not paranoid at all, he’s been out for nearly a year now and it’s from multiple injuries. Fact is he’s getting older, been out for a long time, he plays in a league where talented players are not protected and he has a huge target on his back every game. Adding another small injury to the huge on last season just makes the bullseye that much bigger of a target on every challenge he takes.

  6. And I think your claim that Ferreira is “prone to be the target of opposition intent to injury (sic) him.” makes you seem rather paranoid.

  7. no he wasn’t as that movie was terrible. Worst “superhero” of all time. Sammy L should have tossed that script into the wastebucket along with snakes on a plane.

    Ferriera isn’t injury prone as much as he’s prone to be the target of opposition intent to injury him.

    Sucks but Dallas has the options to move into another formation where a team without Ferriera or Hernendez can still succeed.

  8. I really feel for players like this, that suffer injury after injury (Greg Oden, Ferreira, possible Stuart Holden). I get no pleasure from this, but it makes you wonder if M Night Shyamalan was on to something when he made Unbreakable.

    “They called me Mr. Glass”


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