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Projecting Klinsmann’s USMNT training camp roster

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With about a month to go before Jurgen Klinsmann settles on the 23 or so players he will call into pre-World Cup Qualifying training camp, it's time to consider his options and what the squad might look like.

There are some easy selections, such as Tim Howard, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley and Landon Donovan to name a few, but Klinsmann is going to have some tough decisions to make, particularly in midfield, where he has a plethora of options.

Here is my Fox Soccer piece taking a look at the projected 23-man roster he might take to training camp in Florida next month ahead of World Cup qualifiers against Antigua & Barbuda and Guatemala. Give the piece a read and let us know what you think of the selections.

Which players are you happy to see included? Which players do you feel should have been included that weren't?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. We do? I’d say Bradley is better than Jones. And while Jones has played well for Schalke this season, so far his form for the Nats has been mediocre, at best.

  2. James – in-form will get a call up. Wondo is in form and hardly “crap.” I respectfully disagree and we can draw pistols at 10 paces.

  3. Jones will make the team and play with Bradley. CONCACAF is blood-letting, Jones will be needed. Only Shea and Boyd from the U-23 will make the cut.

  4. in reply to Call Up Lichaj…

    I love your lineup. I might switch Donovan and Dempsey though. And thank God it’s not another disastrous 4-3-3 being suggested.

    I doubt we’ll ever see this though because even the attack-minded Klinsmann has been using Bob Bradley’s two defensive mid system.

  5. Hurts to see them in respectable looking kits, now that we’ve gotten a preview of the clown costumes they will be forced to wear over the next couple years.

  6. People haven’t really talked about this lineup, but I would love to see it.

    Johnson Chandler

  7. “He can do that with MLS players after the season.”

    Unless he is interested in looking at how potential candidates play with his starters, MLS or not.

    If he is test driving his proposed first team then there is nothing like seeing how someone like Boyd, for example, would fit in with his first team.

  8. What you are saying seems senseless.

    Is there a contest or a pool for accurately predicting lineups? What exactly do Ives and the “media” have to gain by “promoting” Bradley?

    Is there a prize?

    From what I can tell about MB he claims to not read this stuff so he could not care less.

  9. Who says the media is diminishing Bradley rather than prorating the current level of awesomeness in favor of upside?

  10. Mute point Mentioning “Where’s Wondo” considering that Beckerman is not being left out of camp. Wondo is a goal scorer…not internationally thus far. Back to beckerman, I personally think he is too slow in reading the international game which is magnified considering that he is not quick enough to overcome his lack of Football IQ at the highest level. If you insert him into the attacking third and use him as a pivot point that would be a different story but we know that Klinsi wont use him there. If we need another forward…I would like to see someone other than Wondo.

  11. This will be Donovan’s 3rd appearance under JK. He played in JK’s first two games as coach against Mexico and Costa Rica. This will be his first game playing with Dempsey with JK as coach.

  12. Oh and Gooch was in Sportings 18 man Roster against Bilboa on thursday which means he will more than likely see the field on Sunday. Seems like he has recovered from the knee injury.

  13. Uhm, Beckerman over Jones? That has to be a joke right. I am not going to even write why having Beckerman over Jones is a joke. People should know by now that Jones is one of the best players in the player pool. Honestly, I don’t see Boyd getting called in either. Boyd has great potential, but he doesn’t even play in the Bundesliga. Wooten has a better shot considering he is actually playing in the Bundesliga. My FWDS: Altidore, Dempsey, Gomez, Cooper. My 23 man roster:
    GK: Howard, Rimando, Dan Kennedy
    Defense: Dolo, Chandler, Lichaj, F. Johnson, Gooch, Goodson, Boca, Ream
    Middies: Donovan, Beasley, Shea, Edu, Bradley, Torres, Jones, D.Williams
    FWDS: Dempsey, Altidore, Gomez, Cooper

  14. So its ok that the media is basically diminishing Jones being a beast for Schalke for the sake of Bradley? Interesting. I thought we had more class than that.

  15. I think he had declined a call-up, when he didn’t think he was going to play, but he might feel differently about qualifying.

  16. Based on my reading of the article…


    1. Howard

    2. Guzan

    3. Rimando

    4. Cherundolo

    5. Chandler

    6. F. Johnson

    7. Lichaj

    8. Bocanegra

    9. Goodson

    10. Onyewu

    11. Ream

    12. Bradley

    13. Beckerman

    14. D. Williams

    15. Torres

    16. Edu

    17. Donovan

    18. Beasley

    19. Shea

    20. Dempsey

    21. Altidore

    22. Gomez

    23. Boyd

    In the mix:

    Hamid, Jones, Wondolowski, Cameron, Orozco-Fiscal, Castillo, Corona, Diskerud, Zusi, Sapong

  17. One name no one ever brings up anymore? Hahnemann. Seems to me he’s still our third-best ‘keeper, even if he doesn’t get to play behind Howard. I think there’s a good chance JK brings Marcus in, instead of calling up Rimando or Hamid (who seems to have lost his starting job with DC)….unless Marcus is sick of being called in to be #3.

  18. I can’t tell if this is great sarcasm or completely worthless analysis.

    Is Wondo a lock for the roster? No.

    That said, has Wondo performed horribly in a US jersey in his last several appearances? Absolutely not!

    People criticize his ability to deal with the “physical” defenses in CONCACAF and on the international stage.

    To date, however, that hasn’t stopped him from displaying outstanding positioning and awareness in his last few caps. He has registered shots on goal–some of them amazing–in each of them.

    Yes, he missed a howler of a sitter in the GC. One of those shots that’s harder to miss than tap in (at least when you’re not the one on the pitch). No one seems to recognize that: 1)That was very un-Wondo-like, and 2)He put himself in position to make that goal.

    The universe conspired against his first USMNT goal during the January Venezuela game. Blas Perez conspired against his getting a chance to score against Panama.

    Wondo has also come out guns blazing this season for SJ.

    “He is crap”?? Nay

    “made-for-MLS-and-MLS-only” Evidence points to the contrary

    “borderline offensive” That’s just your halitosis

  19. First off, am I missing something in the linked FOX piece? Ives refers to a list of players “above”. I don’t see a list. I did try pulling out the 23 players that Ives seems to be projecting, and there are a whole lot of midfielders, with only 3 real striker (+ Deuce).

    There was a telling line in the FOX piece about “Klinsmann favorites Beckerman, Torres and Williams.” Calling them JK favorites implies that they haven’t done anything to justify their inclusion, but that one suspects JK will, mystifyingly, pick ’em anyway. I think that’s about right, though I suspect Jones gets the nod over Beckerman, over possibly Williams. There’s a chance that Jones and Williams get the nod over Beckerman and Shea.

    At forward, I think Boyd would be a good pick, along with Gomez and, of course, Altidore. Wondolowski is a possibility, but JK might just rather have him keep playing with SJE. There will be time to bring him in later.

    Basically, I think JK will lean against taking MLS players. He might bring in Nick, but he’s likely to send him back to Salt Lake quickly so he can keep playing. He’ll be only a phone call and plane ticket away. Donovan will get the call, obviously, but JK might be happy to leave Beckerman and Shea with their club, instead of calling them up to sit on the bench. After all, the call-up is for friendlies, followed by qualifying matches that should not offer much of a challenge for the USA. Calling in guys like Jones and Williams and Boyd will give JK an extended look at them. He can do that with MLS players after the season.

  20. Based upon current form and if Klinsmann wants to attack, honestly, this should be the Starting XI:






    Leaves out LD, but the talent pool has quickly caught up and he’s falling behind.

  21. Well. Bradley is on his way up. He’s probably got two cycles worth of tread left on his tires. Same can’t be said of Jones.

  22. I am just going to put it up here. JERMAINE JONES IS A HUGE PLAYER FOR SCHALKE. Ives leaving him out has more to do to with promotion of michael bradley cuz they play the same position and Jones is on a way bigger club team. LOL.

  23. From what i am gathering, Jones exclusion has more to do with the media like Ives i guess wanting to promote Michael bradley as the defacto CM knowing how Jones plays on a bigger team and the same position as Bradley. Promote one and ignore the other i guess. Once you realize this you just ignore any lineups that have Jones on the bench or excluded when he is on the biggest club team in our pool. lol.

  24. —————Altidore—————–







    Stiker: Boyd for Jozy

    Wing: Shea for Dempsey, Gatt for Donovan

    CM: Williams for Torres, Edu for Bradley

    CDM: Bradly/Williams for Jones

    LB: Lichaj for Fabian

    LCB: Ream/Whitbread for Boca

    RCB: Goodson/Cameron for Gooch

    RB: Dolo for Chandler

    Keeper: Guzan for Howard

    There are 5 games in like 3 weeks (3 friendlies & 2 WC Qualifiers). This brings together a strong core of players and a couple of young guns to get their feet wet.

    Leave Beasley, Gomez, Beckerman and Wondo home…or as practice squad players. Give some of the youth players a chance in these early qualifiers/friendlies and if they don’t do well then leave them w/ their clubs to improve.

  25. Jermaine Jones is the top Number Six/defensive midfielder in the USMNT pool right now–ahead of Maurice Edu, Michael Bradely, Kyle Beckerman and Danny Williams. Schalke is a top tier Bundesliga team that reached the quarter finals in the Europa League this season and is bound for the Championship League next season. In Germany Jones is widely acknowledged for having an outstanding season and for being an important component of Schalke’s success.

    Klinsmann likes and respects Jones enough to name him captain of the USMNT in January, despite knowing that a small segment of the USMNT would be very unhappy with the decision. No way is Klinsmann going to exclude a healthy Jermaine Jones next month from the 23-man roster. Even reading through the few proposed line-ups already posted here, Jones is being penciled in.

  26. I don’t see any way Klinsi doesn’t call up Jones. He just got finished praising him again in his recent podcast.

    Also praying that he’s paying attention to Lichaj.

  27. Exactly what I’d use, though I’d have JJ and MB90 switch sides.

    Unfortunately, my desired lineups and Klinsmann’s actual lineups rarely agree.

  28. You didn’t read the comment on that article, someone actaully said Wondo is the best foward the US has and should start.

  29. I can’t believe you even WROTE Wondolowskis name down, yet alone insinutated he is on the bubble. Seriously. Wondo?
    He is crap, literally the definition of a made-for-MLS-and-MLS-only career.
    I find it borderline offensive as an American that you even think this guy even belongs on the NT anymore.

  30. This lineup seems to work for me on FIFA12…obviously it would work in real life too:

    ————- Altidore ————————


    Donovan ————————- Shea



    Fabian — Boca — Gooch — Chandler

    —————- Howard —————–

  31. ————- Jozy ————————
    —————- Dempsey —————
    Donovan ——————– Chandler
    ———- Jones — Bradley ————
    Fabian — Boca — Gooch — Dolo
    —————- Howard —————–

  32. Will this be Donovan’s first appearance under JK? Or his second, but the first time he’ll be there with Dempsey at the same time?

  33. More interesting than who is on the roster is what formation they will play. I suppose this will be dictated somewhat by the opposition, but it seems a 4-3-3 could be interesting with Altidore up top being blanked by dempsey and donovan. They could then just lock down the middle of the field with Bradley and Beckerman/Edu/Jones (pick two). With some speedy guys on the wings pushing up to limit runs from the opposition – it could be fun.

  34. I wish Klinsmann would stop playing Danny Williams on the wing and put him in the center midfield with Bradley. Williams is not suited for the wing at all: can’t cross, run at people, etc. I also hope F. Johnson gets the start on the left wing. It’ll be interesting to see who Klinsmann plays at left back.

  35. A lot of guys in form, especially the vets. We will have a strong squad to start qualifying.

    Although, I am hoping he gives young “up and comers” a good look and some pt


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