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SBI MLS Rookie of the Week: Nick DeLeon

NickDeLeon (ISIPhotos)

Photo by Jose L. Argueta/

D.C. United midfielder Nick DeLeon received his first test against rivals New York Red Bulls this past weekend, and he passed with flying colors.

DeLeon scored a goal and was a handful all night against an outmatched Red Bulls side that seemed to have no answer for United's attack. DeLeon's performance in United's 4-1 win on Sunday was the latest solid game put together by the former Louisville player, and it was good enough to earn him his third SBI MLS Rookie of the Week award and second consecutive. 

DeLeon beat out New York Red Bulls goalkeeper Ryan Meara and Ray Gaddis of the Philadelphia Union for the honor.

What do you think of DeLeon winning yet again? Impressed with Gaddis' play for the Union?

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  1. ‘quieter’ feet than DeRo…has looked interesting in the couple of games I’ve seen of the young man. Solid player, keep it up, stay consistent…bright future.

  2. Well, actually, Ben opted not to play him yesterday. Najar started on Wednesday. Did not play well. If he stops turning the ball over and starts connecting with teammates, he will be back in the starting lineup.

  3. What Ives has said is he dropped in the draft from what was percieved as antics to go to a certain team. Irregardless of why he dropped in the draft, which was not my question, which team did he want to end up at?

  4. I knew that but im just saying it could have effected his draft rank. I dont consider him smoking weed a bad thing but it could have scared some GM’s

  5. Yeah, he has been available the past two games and Benny has just opted not to play him. Which is a shame considering how freakin good he is! Not bad to have a deep midfield, but it would be sad to see him sitting on the bench all season.

  6. Back into the lineup? He played against Montreal and wasn’t effective in my opinion. On top of that Danny is having a much bigger impact in matches.

  7. Looks and plays like a young De Ro…Wait until they get Najar back into the lineup and Salihi acclimated to the US.

    Now if Boskovic can do anything, DC can be a top-tier team


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