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Soccer Wednesday: Your Running Commentary


More than half of MLS is in action Wednesday night, with four league games, the Canadian championship final and a club friendly on tap. There's a CONCACAF Champions League berth on the line in Toronto, where TFC will look to hold off the Vancouver Whitecaps to claim their fourth straight Voyageurs Cup. 

In league play, the New York Red Bulls and Chivas USA meet less than a week after their blockbuster trade, while on the other coast, Los Angeles and San Jose meet in a California Clasico that will be missing Landon Donovan, Robbie Keane and Chris Wondolowski. Here is the viewing schedule for all of the night's matches:

7 p.m. – MLS Live/Direct Kick – New York Red Bulls vs. Chivas USA

8 p.m. – Rogers Sportsnet – Toronto FC vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

8:30 p.m. – MLS Live/Direct Kick – Chicago Fire vs. FC Dallas

10 p.m. – MLS Live/Direct Kick – Seattle Sounders vs. Columbus Crew

10:30 p.m. – MLS Live/Direct Kick – Los Angeles Galaxy vs. San Jose Earthquakes

10:30 p.m. – stream – Portland Timbers vs. Valencia

If you will be watching any of tonight's matches, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action.


  1. Take off them jealousy colored glasses b. I’m sick of all the whiny jealous fans who would dream of having the fan support Seattle has! I’m conceding that Seattle deserved to lose but also acknowledging that they are the most fouled team in MLS. If Alonso deserves any discipline he’ll get it. Congratulations to Columbus on their win and screw all you jealous fans!

  2. Beckham was bad at trying to control the refs but he takes it to a new level in this one. Obama must have sworn him in as official Secretary of Player Bitching during his White House visit. He makes Lenhart look palpable. To be fair the handball call on Becks looked very suspect. I’ll have to back and watch that highlight.

    RSL and Columbus showing the blueprint of how to beat Seattle.

  3. How is disciplinary committee review “over the top”?
    It’s standard procedure for questionable / controversial plays.
    Your Seattle guys don’t get a pass just because you draw blah blah thousand per game, get over yourselves.

  4. Well, I went to watch the highlight expecting something minor and inconsequential (and assuming you were just an upset fire fan), but after watching that I agree. That was the most egregious encroachment I think I have ever seen. How that isn’t a retake is completely beyond me. My apologies for for my initial reaction to your comment!

  5. Seattle fan here. Columbus had 2 chances and scored 2 nice goals. Sounders dominated but Columbus showed the blueprint of parking a few buses and countering that Seattle has NEVER figured out. Full props to the Crew for a deserved win and clean sheet….Some you guys accusations for DC review is a bit over the top though.

  6. Does this tackle earn Alonso a well-deserved notice from the Disciplinary Committee? Nice (“accidental”) elbow drop last week, and hanging in cleats up this one. He’s a poster child for how the game is played in de jong’s mind, and the league wants to tamp out… yet, he is still in there.

    And, first yellow in the 88th as i send… will miracles never cease.

  7. Sigi has a discipline problem. Too many members of his team are playing to the ref. When their not getting the calls they stop playing.

    If they lose tonight only Toronto and Chivas have more home losses. They’re just not that good.

  8. Well, having seen the Fire highlights, the refs owe Dallas an apology…and hte Fire should have to give back 2 points. MLS refs are doing a lousy job of enforcing the penalty box exclusion area on PKs. There is no excuse for allowing Pappa’s rebound goal. Dreadful error by the refs.

  9. seems like that happens a lot in sounders games. control the half. give up a lucky or, even if deserved,goal against the run of play. then the team packs it in and makes things incredibly difficult which results in poor attacking in the final third

  10. Sounders Fernandez has been horrible. He spends the first 15 minutes going down on the pitch. Then he chats up the ref while play goes on around him. At the end of the half he misses a wide open header from 8 yards out. He should be subbed out for just stopping play to argue all the time.

  11. Sweet. I’m sooooooo sorry I forgot about Shea’s suspension. Give me a break jonk. Internet bullies rock!

  12. Boca Juniors wins 2 to 1 on aggragate score against Fluminense in Copa Libertadores play. Fantastic match!! Let’s play two!!!

  13. No, it’s not empty.

    It’s just:

    -Late arriving supporters
    -Camera angle
    -Transportation issues
    -Mid week game
    -Keep in mind, RB were bad for so long

    Was there any excuse that I missed?

  14. Wow. Where to begin? First of all MLS Live is a downright bargain. Secondly, Brek Shea is suspended 3 games for volleying a ball at the AR.

  15. Man, I really hope someone finds a feed for the Chicago v FC Dallas game. I really want to see how hungry Brek Shea is or isn’t after this latest USMNT snubbing. He should want to set the world on fire, anyone know of any way to watch a feed of this game or any other MLS game without paying for the overpriced MLS Live?

  16. Maybe it doesn’t really matter attendance-wise, but why does RBNY have 7pm weekday kickoffs? Does Harrison dictate that they have to be done by a certain time on weeknights? Thank goodness Portland doesn’t ever start that early or I wouldn’t be able to make it on time on weeknights.

  17. WOW, RBA is empty. Henry should call out these “fans” who can’t be bothered to show up to support a team going for a record 6 wins in a row.

  18. Watching Copa Libertadores. Fluminense just scored off a free kick on the ground from probably 35 yards or more. Ugly goal. How it went in is beyond me! Aggragate score 1 to 1


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