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Canada 0, USA 0: Match Highlights


  1. Dude just because I didn’t like the result doesn’t mean I’m uneduacated. Been watching for a long time and I’m calling it for waht it is, a bad game where the USMNT looked flat and tired. Get over yourself brotha.

  2. Phantom foul call by linesman. With that being said it’s rarely the US on the beneficiary side of a bad call.. Could get used to that

  3. you may have something there. we been trying to get a different “dish” with the same ingredients and is not consistently working.

  4. is not the 0-0 score but the way we played that bothers me. One thing is because that is the way we play another is when we can see how well they can do and then have to bear this type of game.

  5. As usual the over the top hyperbole is flying around… the game wasn’t THAT bad, if not for woeful Canadian finishing and a great game by Hirschfeld in the Canadian goal the game could easily have seen 3-4 goals with either side coming out on top. Not a game that will be long remembered but hardly the most boring ever played.

  6. C’mon Guys, Sure the game was awful considering that we were expecting a Win but we should consider that the US players just had 2 though games.

    Against Scot, even though they did not provide much of a battle, our players pushed hard.
    Against Brazil, the players also played well.

    I think it was expected to see some tired legs after the physical demands from JK during the training sessions and from the games as well.

    That being said, there should not be any excuses for the next two games because those are the games that truly matter. Personally I am OK with the draw because after all it was a friendly right before a official game. From now on, we should expect more from the US, no more experiments or trials, now is time to take care business.

  7. (1) Everybody was tired. It’s their third game in eight days.

    (2) Dempsey is still finding his way back, physically and tactically.

    (3) Bradley should have played higher on the pitch.

    (4) Castillo as a last-minute substitute offered much lesser than Johnson would have.

    (5) Canada’s uniforms look like they’re from the 60s.

    (6) Canada’s earnest, hard-working style reminds of of the U.S team ca. 1998. One or two more creative options and they’ll be quite dangerous.

  8. Official was waiting to see if there was an advantage call to be made on the foul, and the moment there wasn’t he waved the play dead.

    Pretty standard in my mind, not sure why this was made into a big deal.

  9. yeah, a 0-0 tie against Canada is a shocker. would have never believed it. I mostly agree with those saying no big deal, only a friendly, no need to push the panic button–yet. But on the other hand, how in the world can the team play so lackluster just days after a wonderful performance against Scotland and a spirited showing against Brazil.

    I am starting to wonder if there are some holdover issues from the past that have not been put to rest and are weighing on the team. This team is really not much different from a year ago and the midfield last night was not playing well together. If we struggle in the next two games (the game in Guatemala is going to be a huge test several times more difficult than playing in Canada), then I think it might be time to push the panic button and Klinsmann might have start considering some major decisive longer-term gut-wrenching changes to the roster. It is possible that the team might be better off without two or three key players who have played big roles in the past.

    All that said, am hoping Canada was simply an aberration and the team bounces back big-time and impresses in the first two WCQs.

  10. Really?

    The play was blown dead for a foul (a clear foul), the Canadian player then continued to run at the goal after everyone had stopped and shot into the net.

    That should count in your eyes? Yeah, not so much.

  11. Yes the game was boring, but if you think you wasted your time, I have a hard time considering you a true fan. We get so few games, and so little coverage that I would watch any 0-0 draw against any team, be it a side we should beat or not. Complain about our tactics, or players that need to step up, but if you wouldn’t watch that game again, stick with the NBA.

    I wish we had a better and more educated fan base. We get thumped by Brazil, and fail to beat Canada on the road, and our fans are acting like impetuous children. Put on your big boy pants and realize that as a country, we don’t yet produce world class players every year, but still get to see and play Brazil, Italy, Argentina etc every year, and have as easy a path to the WC as any other country in the world.

  12. Some of the players said they were exhausted, from two-a-days, and playing 3 games in succession after long seasons. I don’t think the Germans have a word for “tapering”. Now I wonder how much rest they are going to get before the games count, so that they would have no excuse for playing boring lifeless kickball.

  13. Real events in my house last night during this game


    My wife: “Who’s winning the Celtics game?

  14. i’m not going to flip out and say the sky is falling, because this is just one game, and a friendly at that. I believe we are a better team than we were a year ago.

    having said this, that was such a disappointing display. Not a single player shined last night. Goodsen and Howard looked ok, but only because everyone around them was so poor. our midfield and offense was asleep. i would watch the brazil replay all day long, where we showed desire and creativity, rather than being subjected to this crap.

    and can we now put castillo and parkhurst’s international careers to rest for good? i beg of you.

  15. If I were to die and go to hell this is the game that would be running on a continous loop. Absolutley dreadful.

  16. The title here for this post is a bit of a misnomer. 90 minutes of my life I will never get back. Bad game and all you need to do to make the picture look a little bleaker is observe Mexico and their rise to prominence. Second is the best we can get in Concacaf and that isn’t going to be easy!

  17. Highlight? The only highlight for the US was the ref unjustly calling back Canada’s goal. So much for nastier play. That was pathetic.


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