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Reports: Redknapp leaving Tottenham

Redknapp (Reuters Pictures)

What a whirlwind of a four months it has been for Harry Redknapp.

From emerging not guilty from a tax evasion trial in February to being the odds-on favorite for the England national team job until Roy Hodgson was offered the job to guiding Tottenham to fourth place in the Premier League only to have that not be good enough for the UEFA Champions League this year, Redknapp has been through quite the gamut in a short period of time. As it turns out, that was not the entirety of Redknapp's roller-coaster span.

A day after vehemently denying that he was stepping down as coach of Tottenham, it appears that Redknapp, despite having a year left on his contract, is doing just that after failing to agree to a new deal with the club, according to multiple reports from England. The 65-year-old Redknapp spent the past four seasons at White Hart Lane.

Everton coach David Moyes is being touted as the favorite to replace Redknapp at Tottenham, a move that could impact American goalkeeper Tim Howard, who signed a new four-year deal with Everton in March.

What do you think of this development? Do you think Tottenham is better off with Moyes than Redknapp? 

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  1. The only reason it’s not likely to affet Howard is that Spurs still have Friedel. Maybe in a year or two, Moyes might make a move for Howard to join him in London.

    What’s MUCH more interesting is how this might affect Landon Donovan’s EPL dreams.

  2. Calm down. Honestly what would you do if you were told that the 1 person who has kept your financial horrible club in a good position was about to leave, what would you do?

    At least he gave some good insight and even if he says that, dont be a baby about it. “Oh he just called me stupid, I’m going to tell my mommy”

    Grow a pair

  3. I presume his angle was either more money at the Spurs job or the freedom to extract it from another destination. I don’t know what happened with the England job, whether he was interested or not, but between not getting that and blowing this up I think he’s done pretty lousy on the market. How is any hire he could get a “step up?” He’ll probably have to take another reclamation project.

  4. If the Independent is to be believed, the Spurs board cashiered him after he gave Spurs chair Daniel Levy an ultimatum that they redo his deal now, with a year left. Redknapp would say that he was owed “more” after reviving Spurs’ fortunes from a low ebb, they might say giving an ultimatum with a year left is not honoring his deal. Since he made an ultimatum not to serve next year and they aren’t having him back, what precisely one calls it is window dressing. They’re going to give him a severance and he can see where he’ll get hired next.

    Spurs started strong but then swooned last season so the notion UEFA CL has been ripped from their hands unfairly is perhaps strained. If they TCOB we wouldn’t be talking.

  5. Redknapp is a real mercenary who finds every way within, and outside the rules to get ahead for a short gain. As a long time Pompey supporter I’ve seen it first hand. He screwed us, he screwed Southampton as well, albeit in a different fashion.

    He’s good at spending money on players everyone rates highly, but even better at over-spending for players he sees a future in, that will never materialize. For every Krancjar he has signed, there are 5 john Utaka’s.

    Tottenham is better off without him. Moyes would flourish with the extra budget, if he is offered and takes the job. Several other candidates would as well.

    I’m most curious to see what ‘arry has in the pipe-line. You can bet it will be for the money and nothing else. I smell Qatar….

  6. Isn’t Moyes linked with every high profile opening in the Prem? I mean he was mentioned after AVB was given the boot. Sounds like BS to me. Also why do we assume he will bend over backwards to buy Americans? MLS is going to hold Donovan for ransom and Fulham will do the same with Dempsey, plus Dempsey wants Champions League now, not in the future. Guzan is looking for a starter job not to be Friedels backup again.

  7. These are great points, but honestly if you swapped the name Moyes into this post it would still hold water (except for the young thing).

  8. I think it’ll go to Martinez. Younger, is a players manager, good talent spotter, good at using getting the best from the players he has. Tottenham is most likely losing VDV, Modric, and not financially able to sign Adebayor. With being knocked out of a CL spot this year a lot of players previously looking at Spurs no longer are. I know their owners are saying they’ll pony up cash this summer but let’s face it, they’re the cheapest and most stingy CL quality team in England.

    I don’t see Dempsey going to Spurs either. If he does on the “hopes” of playing CL next year that’s what’ll have to think about. If they grab a CL spot next year, that means Bale will be gone but Spurs will be flush with cash and a good manager like Martinez will know how to spend it wisely.

  9. It’s not like Moyes hasn’t had ANY budget. Lots of middle- and lower-tier PL teams would love to have the kind of money he’s gotten. And I’d like to point out that Moyes hasn’t won ANY trophy with Everton. Even Harry has won an FA Cup (and with Portsmouth!).

    That being said, I do like Moyes and think he could do reasonably well at Spurs. But I do think he gets deified by too many people who think he’s a nice guy (which he does seem to be), without too much scrutiny at his lack of trophies.

  10. Moyes with a budget would be TERRIFYING. He wouldn’t have to cobble together a team of loanees and cast-offs every winter transfer period. Picture the yearly post Christmas boost Everton gets, only now it goes year round. Woof.

  11. But what job could he possibly be angling for? All the English ones on par with Tottenham or better are taken, and he’s exactly the type of English manager who has little chance continentally (again, at Spurs level or higher). If he’s expecting Woy to “fail” at the Euros, he should have waited a bit.

  12. “You guys stupidly seem…”

    I stopped reading after that. I’m going to assume the post quality never improved after that statement.

  13. Is Harry stepping down or “stepping down”? If the latter, I say bad move. Spurs would be looking forward to CL play if not for a comically unlucky/inept Bayern Munich.

  14. the only reason I’m willing to believe this is that for YEARS Moyes has been asking the Everton board for a bigger budget for players. Spurs is a modest step up and I can’t help but think Moyes would be tempted to take a run at a tp four finish, which with the current lineup plus Moye’s eyes for quality talent could be a real possibility.

    Hopefully Everton would make a play to keep him, but I’m not so sure.

    If I were Dempsey and got a call from Moyes saying “I can’t promise you CL this season, but will get you there in two,” I’d seriously consider it.

  15. You guys stupidly seem to think Moyes will go to tottenham. As a massive Everton fan, I think this is very unlikely. If moyes does move to tottenham, he likely will not sign Donovan or Dempsey because they are both over priced for their age.

  16. How long is Friedel’s contract for?

    If it is Moyes Howard could move there a year or two down the line. Or if Friedel is gone maybe Moyes can convince Guzan to do the back up thing one more year.

  17. I don’t see how it would impact Tim Howard.

    I imagine Everton will mandate no Everton players can be signed by Moyes for a year, per usual.

    I *DO* think it could impact Clint Dempsey, as David Moyes clearly respects American footballers.

    I’d be really happy for Moyes if he were appointed the position. That man has made chicken soup out of chicken sh!t for far too long.


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