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SBI MLS Player of the Week: Chris Wondolowski

Chris Wondolowski (Getty Images)

Chris Wondolowski just cannot stop scoring.

Wondolowski upped his season total to 17 goals this past weekend, netting a hat-trick and delivering an assist that inspired the San Jose Earthquakes to a 5-0 dismantling of Real Salt Lake at Buck Shaw Stadium on Saturday. Wondolowski's performance helped him surpass his goal-scoring total from a year ago and has him one shy of his career best, and it is the reason he won SBI's MLS Player of the Week award.

The Earthquakes and U.S. men's national team striker won the award ahead of a group of candidates that includes David Beckham, Brad Davis and Fabian Castillo.

What do you think of Wondolowski winning SBI's MLS Player of the Week award? Agree? How many goals will Wondolowski end up with this season?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. In some cases playing in the US for $200K a year ain’t a bad gig. Sure he may make more abroad – but I have turned down better paying jobs to stay where I currently live…

  2. Might as well stay here then and become a legend in the MLS. The only current US legend in Europe is Dempsey. And he is no Dempsey. Build the league here. Big fish, little pond.

  3. “He’s only 29”

    Like I said. That’s too old to make your mark starting fresh in a good league. If he’d been lighting up the league five years ago, maybe he does a two-step hop to a fantastic place…

    Now? Denmark? Maybe. Norway? Probably. Belgium? That seems unlikely.

    He’d have almost no time to settle, make an impact, be noticed, and be sold. And that’s what’d have to happen for someone to be willing to pay for him–it’d be taking a biggish chance on an oldish guy.

  4. I’ve repeatedly pointed out that Wondolowski has had very little playing time with the national team. His 8 caps do not reflect tha scant playing time he has actually had. He has never played a full 90 minutes- was subbed out early in each of his 3 or 4 starts. I would guess he has played the equivalent of about 4 games scattered over 8 caps. Despite ignorant claims he looked out place (or slow) I think he played very well. He did uncharacteristically miss a couple of good scoring chances, but who hasn’t? I see forwards with 30+ caps who have produced next to nothing and still getting chances…

    But, I’ve pretty much given up on him getting a real chance to play. This last stint was a real slap in the face to him, San Jose and the MLS. He was at the very top of his game and was dressed for only 3 of 5 games. And he got a token 10 minutes at the end of 1 game. If he’s not going to play I don’t think he should get called up, it’s insulting and a waste of everyone’s time…

  5. That’s why we love him in SJ- local boy makes good. He’ll be the greatest Earthquake ever- especially if he sets the new season record for goals scored. i wasn’t super confident until he hung 3 on RSL; he just needs 10 in 14 games? now it almost seems like a forgone conclusion.

  6. He’s only 29.

    Surely some team in Denmark or Belgium would take a chance on him. A top team that’s in the EL. That’s 500 K a year.

  7. Herc Gomez. Id say they are both pretty similar, with Gomez currently getting the edge on the international level.

    i think the T. Boyd call ups are due to Jurgen wanting to cap tie an duel national prospect. Personally i don’t see how he is too different from Bunbury.. that said he is a great striker!

    I hope that Wondo gets a few more opportunities and actually proves himself at that level soon, but so far i don’t think he can really complain too much; he just hasn’t taken advantage of the shots he gets with the USNT. Maybe January camp/Champions League next year will be his time.

  8. Wondo should definitely have some interest even from a top5 league. He’s been arguably the best striker in MLS for the past 3 seasons (mainly taking into account his goal scoring). I think he could do very well for a small club in Ligue 1 or Portuguese League or maybe a big team in Holland/Turkey

  9. There’s some truth to the points you make, but I also think that the speed of international game gives him problems. The marking is much tighter, defenders are better than in MLS, and decisions are made quicker. He has an edge in intellingence and quick decision-making over MLS players, but the competition is much better at the international level.

  10. Wondo was called in for the last camp but didn’t get playing time. Klinsmann apparently thinks that Terrence Boyd, an unproven youngster, has more promise at the international level than the top goalscorer in MLS. Is he right? I’m trying to think of a top-notch striker with the same skill set as Wondo, and am drawing a blank. Here are his pluses/minuses as I see them:

    * Lethal at redirecting crosses in the 6-yard box
    * Lethal on the volley from w/in 10 yards
    * Magician at escaping from defenders
    * Good, not great on headers
    * Quick turn and shoot
    * Relatively slow pace
    * Mediocre dribbler
    * Not very strong – not a hold-up player
    * Very good endurance over 90 minutes

    Can anyone name a well-known international with similar characteristics?

  11. While I like having the strong US guys in MLS…he has been one of the top scorers in the league for a few years…I would think that would have gotten him some interest from abroad. If you are looking at a forward…I would thinking being in the top 3 in your league for a few years, especially with other quality DPs like Henry, Keane, etc…since you need a forward who scores goals that would get him some looks. D2 in England, Danish, Norway, Austrian, etc….I would think would be comparable to MLS…just that they pay way more. We have guys like CD who didnt produce as much in MLS going abroad again….I am just curious why there has not been more talk about Wondo. I am not saying he should go, its just that even if a coach did not rank MLS that high you cant argue with his stats to at least create some news about a trial or even a big loan in the off season.

  12. I think a lot of Chri’s game come from his intelligence rather than his athleticism. When he is able to spend day-in day-out with his teammates, he understands their tendencies, preferences, abilities and behavior. He can’t really get that from the short time he spends with the National Team. It is just amazing to me how many times he is wide open, despite the fact that he must be the most marked man in MLS right now. It is because he knows exactly how and when his teammate will deliver the ball. Unfortunatley, I don’t think his abilitiy is as instinctual as it is for some of the top international strikers (like Klose for example). It is more based on rote understanding. Still I think he deserves to be called in for the foreseeable future – who else do we have putting balls in the net?

  13. GO Wondo!!! I got a chance to talk with him briefly at the US v Scotland match in Jacksonville. He was such a down-to-earth guy. Definitely a new favorite.

  14. Although I agree that Beckham played a better overall game, you can’t fault anyone for giving Wondo POTW honors. 3 goals and 1 assist is a pretty impressive performance. That being said, I stand by my opinion that Beckham was the best player in MLS this past week.

  15. Vasquez: Yeah, Jurgi, guess who scored a hattrick and is averaging a goal-a-game?

    Jurgen: Not that Wondo guy? Holy crap.

    Vasquez: Yep…Wondo. Hey, Jurgi, how do we NOT call the guy in?

    I’m not a Wondo fan or a disliker,,,but crap, the guys just scores. Is he the new Twellman/Kries though….really good in MLS, but does not appear to have tools for next level?

  16. You are out of your mind if you think Wondo had a better game than Beckham. Wondo finished well but Beckham created his goals on his own and also managed the midfield beautifully. Wondo didn’t have to have the burden of doing that while scoring the goals.

  17. You could argue for several. I would go with FC Dallas Castillo or Rodriguez because they performed better than they have all year. But Wondo and Beckam had great games as well.


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