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SBI MLS Rookie of the Month: Darren Mattocks

Mattocks (Reuters Pictures)

In July, Darren Mattocks showed everybody that he is about more than just blazing speed. 

Demonstrating his electrifying athleticism and aerial finishing ability, Mattocks scored four goals in six games to win SBI MLS Rookie of the Month honors. Among his goals was his highlight-reel leap over Toronto FC's Logan Emory and Milos Kocic for a stoppage-time equalizer in a game TFC went on to win moments later. With seven goals on the season, the Vancouver Whitecaps forward is closing in on fellow Jamaican Damani Ralph's rookie league record of 11 goals, a mark that has stood since 2003.

Mattocks outlasted Toronto FC attacker Luis Silva, New York Red Bulls defender/midfielder Connor Lade, Chicago Fire centerback Austin Berry, FC Dallas centerback Matt Hedges and Seattle Sounders midfielder Andy Rose to win the monthly honors.

What did you think of Mattocks' month? Do you think he's the front-runner to win the Rookie of the Year award now? How many goals do you see him scoring this season?

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  1. The fact that jamaica hasnt capped him yet either shows they are deep at forward or theyre stupid. We’ll see how they look against the States upcoming games.

  2. Of course, the first thing I did was Wikipedia him. The point is that the most important/relevant information should have been included in the original post, else why bother with journalistic standards at all (and yes, I realize this is a blog). But thanks for being snarky!

  3. Love that picture. The height Mattocks got on that goal is simply amazing. In a league full of athletes, that was one of the more athletic plays in MLS history.

  4. How long is his contract for with MLS? Mattocks was on another level from everyone in college and he is already proving that he’s among the best of attackers in MLS. He has very good individual skill, excellent technique and touch, ability to make something out of nothing, and dude is fast.

    I doubt he is going to be around next year if he keeps progressing at this rate.

  5. Maybe include the team Mattocks plays for in the article; I could only identify it through the jersey in the picture and I unfortunately don’t have the time to follow MLS avidly to keep up with all the rookies 🙁

  6. I haven’t paid much attention to Berry, but you’re unfortunately right on the money.

    It doesn’t matter if Berry starts every game for the rest of the season in D and the Fire win the SS and make it to the MLS Cup…

    if Mattocks breaks the rookie scoring record, even by a goal, he will win.

  7. Strikers are going to have more made for YouTube momnets, but Austin berry has had a more important impact on his Fire than Mattocks has had on his. IMHO Berry is most deserving at this point in the season, and I expect him to continue to shine for the rest of the year.


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