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Bedoya scores in Helsingborg debut

Alejandro Bedoya 1 (Getty Images)

Another Americans Abroad season debut, another goal.

Alejandro Bedoya added himself to the list of Americans who have scored for their respective clubs in their debut games of the current campaign, netting a bicycle kick in his first game with Helsingborgs IF. Bedoya got off to a dream start with the Swedish powerhouse by scoring the opener in the 37th minute, his first goal in the Allsvenskan since May 2011, but he and Helsingborg would relinquish the lead and lose, 2-1.

While the loss hurts Helsingborg's chances of trying to finish in first place, Bedoya going the distance (he also got a yellow card) in his return to Swedish soccer is a sign that he may be ready to insert himself back into the U.S. men's national team picture after failing to get called up since Jurgen Klinsmann took over as head coach of the program.

Bedoya joins strikers Jozy Altidore, Terrence Boyd and Herculez Gomez as American players to find the back of the net in their first games of the current season.

Here's the goal:


What do you think of Bedoya's goal? Impressed? Expecting a big half-season out of him due to his familiarity with Swedish soccer?

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  1. hey, Old School and Tyler, agree with you all the way–glad to see at least two people wise enough to see through the games of Martin Jol and Fulham billionaire owner Mohamed Al-Fayedd in their underhanded dealings with Clint.

  2. Very well put. Do you mind if I copy this and paste it whenever some fans unfairly criticize Jones? And I would add that Jones made the trip to Mexico City when 6 or 7 other regular starters did not make the trip, which shows a real passion and dedication from Jones. I have no doubt that Jones is aching to be a part of the WC 2014 and unless his play deteriorates sharply before then, I am glad to have him on the team, even as a bad-a$$ susbstitute. And another point, we beat Mexico for the first time ever in Mexico, and Jones contributed to that win, which yes was not pretty but oh so sweet. All the guys on that field were heroes, as far as I am concerned.

  3. That’s awesome.

    Jol is really “honoring” his contract by dragging Dempsey’s name through the mud. That shows a real commitment to the player who’s under contract, am I right?

    Honor/contract/commitment, right?

    Were are those boo birds again saying Dempsey was at fault?

    His manager is classless and shows exactly why Dempsey has every right and is NOT in the wrong.

    Why show “honor, abide by your contract and display commitment” to a club and manager like this again?

    When fans are naive, it’s hilarious.

  4. While I agree that Williams should get a look at D-mid (in a friendly first, mind you), criticizing Jones is harsh and indicates short memory and nearsightedness.

    Jones has been solid for us all year, minus the Mexico match. The team victory pic–where he’s clutching an oxygen tank–says it all. You get a player just coming off of preseason and have him go practically the full 90 at 6000′ altitude, he may have a subpar game.

    Also, Jone’s hotheadedness hasn’t translated to the USMNT, thankfully. Yes, he picks up some yellows here and there, and his pseudo-stomp during the Mexico game was ugly (even though he was going for the ball with his head, too), but he ably captained the side in January (aka 7 months ago) and played like a beast.

    Every single USMNT stud (Donovan, Dempsey, Bocanegra, etc.) has the occasional bad game. We need to remember that:

    1. A sample size bigger than 1 game is needed to pass judgments
    2. Jones is a starter for a CL-level team

  5. To be honest both fulham and dempsey are doing what they should, Liverpool is a bunch of @sses for playing the media but not playing for real

  6. I’d like to see this too to see Williams play his best spot altho JJ has grown on me

    always liked Bedoya, hated the move to Rangers and that league. if he’s in form he has shown he can play and contribute to the USMNT; in the least he’s a very different option than Williams, who gets the call out there so often and seems the preferred choice, as some pace changer or outright attacking upgrade

    hope he stays healthy and makes these decisions difficult for Coach by playing well

  7. And give Jermaine Jone’s spot to Danny Williams. For a game anyway so we can see how Williams would do in his natural position. At the very least, the USMNT would be younger and more disciplined.

  8. Good bit of business by Jol. Make the player on the market seem like a prima donna. Don’t know how the bids weren’t rolling in.

  9. Wow, don’t know who else has seen this, but Martin Jol just came out and said that he basically lied to trash Dempsey in the media. It sounds like they kept him out and Liverpool backed off and instead of taking the blame the club dropped it around Dempsey’s neck.

    “To say he refused to play is probably a bit harsh, but he wanted to move and if you want to move, you don’t want to take risks so you don’t want to play in case you get an injury,

    Jol launched a furious attack on Liverpool on Friday for failing to follow up its initial interest in Dempsey with a firm bid for the player. Jol said Friday that it was “impossible” for Dempsey to remain at Craven Cottage, but he now seems open to the possibility of Dempsey staying.

    “There is nothing on the table from Liverpool,” he said. “Maybe Clint knows more than us but we feel he should stay if there is no other bid.”

  10. You know, I love the bicycle kick, but it scares me about hitting people in the head. Bedoya cam damn close. I gave a kid a concussion in college with a bicycle kick,

  11. Very smart of him to sign until the end of the year. A great chance for the team to repeat as champions and also to enter the CL groupstage or at least the EL.

  12. Exactly the kind of player JK would rate; fast good with the ball at his feet, tireless. Hopefully now that his club situation has settled down some we’ll see him get called up again.


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