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Boyd comes through in clutch to help Rapid Vienna advance in Europa League

Terrence Boyd Rapid Vienna (RV)

photo courtesy of Energie

There's clutch, and then there's what Terrence Boyd did for Rapid Vienna on Thursday.

Down a goal on aggregate and facing elimination in the third qualifying round of the Europa League, Boyd came up big for Rapid Vienna in second-half stoppage time by drawing a penalty kick that a teammate converted and then scoring an insurance goal to give the Green-Whites a 2-0 win and 3-2 aggregate victory over Serbian outfit Vojvodina.

The U.S. men's national team striker was fouled in the penalty area in the 91st minute of Vienna's home leg of the two-game series and Deni Alar put it away to give the club the lead on away goals. But the match did not come down to that, as Boyd netted his third goal across all competitions in the early parts of this season in the 98th minute by placing a shot to the far post after a teammate unselfishly passed it to him.

Boyd's contributions can be seen here:



What do you think of Boyd's heroics? Impressed with how he has started at Rapid Vienna? Would you like to see him called up to the U.S. men's national team friendly vs. Mexico, or would you rather see him stay with Vienna?

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  1. I said once & I’ll say it again…Terrance is the real deal. He reminds me so much of CD9 Pre-Car Accident. Lots of energy, athleticismm and most importantly he has the “Soccer Smarts” our other USMNT stiker doesnt…but no names 😉

  2. To me that was a penalty. One angle certainly made it looked like he was mushed in the face. The goal he scored was great as it was a beautiful, unselfish pass from a teammate and he knocked it in. Great goal.

  3. Didn’t Jozy score 21 goals last year in a much better league? Just sayin. Boyd certainly looks to have some exceptional upside. Looking forward to seeing him with USMNT much more often!

  4. He took a touch because he had space and time. It was the right decision, because it gave him a much better chance to score than trying a spectacular one timer.

  5. Draws a penalty (even if a little soft) clinically finishes his chance in the right corner. Nothing earth shattering, but it seems the youngen is playing with poise and maturity. A good sign

  6. Honestly, the extra time could have favored either team.

    Rapid was already advancing on away goals after the PK in the 91′.

    Boyd’s late goal was insurance. If anything, the ref gave the visitors a helping hand that backfired.

    Or else there really were legitimate reasons for the extra time…

  7. I know in real competition (like confed cup) a defender will never do something stupid and cradle the ball up against the goal just to have someone sweep around them to put the ball in the net. Oh wait Sergio Ramos did that. But he plays for some crappy team

  8. Bright future for this guy. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Dortmund buy him back in a couple of years. I also have a feeling he will be a very wanted striker by the bigger clubs in a few years.

    Please people stop with the Jozy bashing the guy proved last year that he can play at a high level.

    It’s nice to see the USMNT striker pool expanding.

    The top 3 strikers right now are: Gomez, Altidore, and Boyd. Wondo is nowhere near on of the top strikers in the pool. I would take EJ, Cooper, and Davies over Wondo.

  9. His contract with Dortmund expired. Dortmund would have liked to keep him but he was not interested in renewing and continue playing for Dortmund’s second team. At this point, he was not able to get past the starters.

  10. He’s been there for a few weeks and he’s already got to be the fan favorite. Awesome. Dortmund may be regretting selling him off so soon.

  11. Funny comments in an Austrian news article from Terrence Boyd about the game. He jokes (I think he is joking) that the game was so heated that he was getting death threats from RFK Novi Sad players in the Serbian language, plus insults about his mother and “who knows what else.” The kid has personality and it appears the Rapid Wien fans already love him and, man, is he a competitor.

    I still am baffled why Jurgen Klopp let him leave Dortmund, unless Dortmund insisted on a buy-back clause in his Rapid Wien contract. I wish (hint-hint) a journalist would ask Boyd about this.

    A link to the Boyd post-game interview:

  12. Bingo. We have neither the depth nor any need to be partisan at this point. I like to see all our players do well, and any American doing well is fine by me. Good on Boyd. I hope to see a lot more from the kid in the coming years.

  13. I’m all for Boyd’s success, but…God, I hate to be this guy.
    That foul looked pretty soft, didn’t it?
    And why on earth did he take a touch!!? I mean, nice, calm finish, but a little lucky? I think Klinsmann would have preferred to see a strike without a touch.

    And Wondo — I cannnot believe he can score only in MLS. Worth a try.

  14. I don’t mean to take anything away from what Boyd did. He saw the space, made it his and finished it. That was a well threaded pass/play to him by Hofmann, and Boyd was perfectly positioned for it. Great play. I just don’t think el Tri would allow that situation. They’d put 9 guys behind the ball and swarm him in that spot.

  15. I would like to see him called only if he gets playing time, otherwise, just leave him with his close until the next qualifiers.

  16. Siberian I respect your opinion, but Wondo doesn’t belong in the same sentence when talking about USMNT. That guy can score 525646596656 goals in the MLS, and I still don’t think he has what it takes to play at the international level.

    Boyd is doing mighty swell!

  17. Why does it have to turn into Jozy vs Boyd? Can’t people be fans of both. It’s about as ridiculous as the people who start the Dempsey vs Donovan debates.

  18. Excited about this guy, but he can stay with Vienna for now because I think Gomez, Altidore, and Wondolowski are the top three strikers at the moment. But things can change soon.

  19. Very unselfish for his teammate to pass, but I’m impressed by his calm finish. I know it wasn’t the most spectacular finish, but I’ve seen plenty shank in similar situations.

  20. He is definitely one to be excited about. He seems to have a lot of natural talent, a lot of upside, and a lot of passion for what he does, all things the USMNT is in desperate need of.


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