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Red Bulls vs. Dynamo: Match Night Commentary


The Houston Dynamo dominated the New York Red Bulls a week ago in Houston, but the Red Bulls are expected to put up a significantly tougher test when the teams meet tonight at Red Bull Arena.

The Dynamo are playing like the best team in MLS, but no visiting team has left Red Bull Arena with three points this season. Dax McCarty is back after serving a one-game suspension for yellow card accumulation, though right back Brandon Barklage is still sidelined with a hamstring injury.

The Red Bulls will look to put more defensive pressure on the Dynamo after being played off the park a week ago in a performance that led Thierry Henry to criticize his team's effort.

SBI will be providing commentary on tonight's action so please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):



  1. Conrad,

    “You can’t have DC playing Vancouver every week. It’s simply not feasible.”

    ??? Help me out. Why would, in a single table format with a balanced scheduled (home and away date against every team) would DC be expected to play in Vancouver every week?

    Over the course of a 36-38 game schedule, sure teams would make a number of trips East/West. But why is soccer any different than baseball, basketball or hockey? Athletes in those sports make trips East coast/West coast trips all the time.

    Furthermore,…the great irony is that MLS will say they don’t want to have athletes making so many long trips,…that it is hard on them. Well then,…can someone explain the Red Bull vs. Chicago match at 1 PM on a July afternoon when field temps exceeded 100 degrees?

    Lastly, they promote the additional games between DC, RBNY, Philly (for example) as being “rivalry games”. To quote Colonel Slade,…”What the hell is that,…anyway?”

  2. You’re just wrong. Kandji acted like a brat and deserved it. note he WASNT booed until he acted like an A#$.

    And talking about the fans, did you happen to see the tribute to JPA earlier this year? Was that trashy also?

  3. So, a garbage collecter strike in NY that happened in the 70’s is why ESC booed one of three former Metro on the Dynamo on the pitch tonight. Riveting stuff. I am amazed you had time to post since Romney is going to announce as his VP Candidate tomorrow.

    The casam of differances between DeRo’s and Kandji’s career makes them uncompareable.

    But I see that nothing has changed with Kandji, all it takes is a defender within 15 feet of him and his attack is neudered. This time it was a first year academy player half his size. I think that speaks for itself.

    All NY championship teams have been outright despised by the rest of the league in their sport. So pile on the hate T!!!!!

  4. You’re comparing Kandji’s tenure with the Red Bulls to DeRo’s with the Dynamo?

    They didn’t boo Ricardo Clark or call him a metro reject, for the record.

    Also, hilariously ironic for someone using the name Pepe to be commenting on class.

    (Completely in reference to the Real Madrid player).

  5. What? Kicking the post because he’s frustrated that he missed a chance? How does that deserve taunting from the fans of his former club? And how is that possibly a card?

    Seriously, watch how Dynamo fans treat DeRo when he comes to town. He’s always an intense competitor, always gets in a few arguments and shoving matches with his former teammates, but the fans never taunt or disrespect him.

  6. Ah, Kandji brought that on himself entirely. No one gave him a hard time until he kicked the post behind the goal. That got everyone in a roar. He could have been carded. Then he decided to football tackle someone and then get in someone else’s face.

    Kandji hit the self destruct button. He deserved it.

  7. Ah, the Single Table. That works in a nation the size of Britain, which is roughly the same area as the State of Alabama or Oregon. You can’t have DC playing Vancouver every week. It’s simply not feasible. Maybe the east and west should never play? That would be interesting, but not very glamorous for TV.

  8. No where else really to post this but I think it should be mentioned: Perhaps the most intelligent man in MLS, Zak Boggs retired tonight to pursue his career in medical and cancer research with a Fulbright scholarship. He has potential to do great things. Good luck Zak.

  9. Henry is passed his prime, he’s not the same striker he used to be, and that is why he is in Major League Soccer. In MLS he can still make these poor defenders look silly. Sometimes I wish MLS could just raise the cap aso we can make monster signings. However, I know the league would surely go to sh!t if that happened.

  10. Still the single table would reward the hardest working team ALL YEAR a whole lot more than playoffs. I do understand what you are saying as regards to geography.

  11. I completely agree. It felt like they had their talking points memorized and weren’t paying any attention to what was actually happening on the field. They kept talking about how great Houston’s defensive spacing was while NYRB was blowing scoring chance after scoring chance. The story wasn’t defensive spacing, it was blown opportunities on both sides. I’ve never seen Henry look as lost as he did tonight, missing easy shots and passes, making poor decisions. LeToux, Cooper, Kandji, and Ching also all missed great chances. The announcers would say how NYRB’s long ball strategy couldn’t work, yet It was clear to anyone actually watching that it WAS working.

  12. Houston is a 1000 miles closer to NY than Seattle. Texas is a big state. If you drive from Houston to El Paso, you are closer to the Pacific than you are to Houston. Houston is in the East.

  13. I get a kick out of this Eastern Conference nonsense,….Houston from the Southwest in the Eastern Conference.

    Hey jerks at MLS,…single table and balanced schedule! What a bunch of mooks.

  14. I know that NYRB fans and commentators love Lade, but he should have been carded in the first half. Dom Kinnear was right for yelling at the ref. Eastern conference is going to come down to home field advantage.

    Although Houston played better away than NYRB did away. It will continue to be interesting in the Eastern Conference from here on out.

  15. NYRB is a trash club, with trash fans, in a trash city in a trash stadium with trash players, regardless of how “talented” they think they are. The game was the crappiest hackfest I’ve watched in a long time grom MLS. I hope New York keeps that trophy cabinet clean so the dust can continue to find a home there.

  16. The only thing worse than listening to these 2 announcers endless discuss the same 3 or 4 talking points, is having the same two teams play back to back and having to listen to basically a repeat of their last broadcast.

  17. Wow, the energy drink fans are a real classy bunch. I can’t imagine Dynamo jeering any of their former players like that save maybe Kei Kamara.

  18. I dont get what makes Henry think he can criticize his team when hes done nothing but kill attacks. Good thing he’ll never win anything with NY

  19. I know right, or WH. People have made a mockery of our anthem lately, just sing the song like you mean it, not like your trying to get a record deal or get on “American Idol”. I do think the girl who snag did decent though.


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