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SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Juninho


  1. And the fact that he probably leads the league in goals scored from outside the 18 over the last 3 years. He had another shot from outside the box that hit the frame. No one is as accurate and powerful in run-of-play long range shots.

  2. Was about to write something about how boring I find all these lucky uncontested long-range bombs, how I much prefer clever passing to this brutalizing lucky-shot stuff….
    But that was special. Wowee.

  3. Right, that allows Keane to slip into dangerous positions and do what he does best.

    LA has the most technically sound team in the league. They’re out-passing and out-possessing opposition. Exciting times going into the playoffs!

  4. This is what makes the Galaxy truly dangerous. When you have not one, but two, players (Beckham, Juninho) who can shoot bullets from 30-40 yards out defenders need to step up and get a body on them. This then opens space behind them that the Galaxy exploit very well. I think the Galaxy are leading in goals scored from over 25 yards away.


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