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Report: Suspect in RBNY coach’s death flees to Mexico

Mike Jones (Red Bulls)

The man suspected of killing New York Red Bulls youth coach Mike Jones in New York City over the weekend has fled to Mexico, according to a report from the Associated Press.

Orlando Orea, also known as Orlando Gutierrez or Orlando Estevas, bought a one-way ticket on an Aero Mexico flight with cash minutes before its departure from Kennedy International Airport on Tuesday morning, according to an anonymous official in the report. Orea is suspected of having murdered the 25-year-old Jones with a knife on Sunday morning.

Detectives on the case discovered Orea's name at about 4:45pm on Tuesday and placed the 32-year-old suspect on a no-fly list, but he had already left the country by then, officials said.

According to officials, it is not clear what ties Orea has to Mexico, if any. Officials also said that the attack may have been a result of a mistaken identity.

The Red Bulls are holding a private memorial for Jones in Westchester County on Wednesday.


  1. Wow. Way to link a tragic murder to your own political ideology. Better yet, you get to come on here and inform the unenlightened masses just to what extent you’ve figured everything out.

    Dogmatism sucks.

  2. I’m pretty sure his ticket was marked with some indication by the agent when they sold him the ticket. This alerts TSA to give him extra attention.

    I had to buy a 1 way ticket for work and they marked my ticket with certain letters, and made me go through a special line for a more thorough inspection. Unfortunately I missed my flight that morning due to the special line.

  3. I’m not proposing a solution. I’m simply pointing out that a byproduct of globalization is chaos. I only said it because it’s the truth. Whether you are aware of it or not, we as a society accept chaos that is impossible to control or monitor in return for a rapidly growing economy and more stuff.

  4. Please learn what socialism is before you criticize it. Socialism is about pooling resources for the greater social good, hence the higher taxes, it is NOT about controlling people’s personal lives. That would be an authoritarian government, which comes in many forms, Soviet communism (which was different than Marx’s original idea of communism), fascism, totalitariamism, to name some.

    This is not a defense of socialism, just a request to get things right. Your comment is kinda like saying capitalism is about creating a huge military, and attacking counties with differing forms of government – just an uninformed, silly thing to say

  5. Walking around NYC at 4am probably kinda drunk and running into a loser criminal is never a good mix. Very sad should have never happened and sucks terribly to get mutilated like that. I feel sorry for his family and friends.

  6. “Just one of the many drawbacks of capitalism that we as a society are generally able to look past because we really like having things. I love having things.”

    I have a feeling you just copy and paste this at the end of all your posts, regardless of whether it makes any sense at all.

    You critisize governmental officials for being incompetent, to which your solution is a more socialist system….where governmental officials will have increased authoirty.

  7. Atlas is just fishing for attention. Let him alone and he’ll get distracted by something else and go away.

    Or the moderators could just delete his posts as he clearly has nothing to contribute…hint.

  8. 1. Very few good things happen at 4AM. “Have you ever taken out three hundred dollars at four o’clock in the morning for something positive.” – CR

    2. This guy isn’t much safer in Mexico. Unless he’s from Mexico and has family he could easily end up dead.

  9. The 9/11 terrorists were trained at American flight schools. They were reported to authorities but trained none the less because the flight school wanted to make a buck before the government had them arrested. Problem was our government agencies were uncoordinated and that valuable information fell through the cracks.

    That guy could have showed up at the counter with blood on his face and they would have sold him a ticket, then reported it after the fact. Just one of the many drawbacks of capitalism that we as a society are generally able to look past because we really like having things. I love having things.

  10. AP report mentions Orea getting in a fight with a guy who looked similar at a bar earlier that night. Ppl there saw him pull out his knife and he left. This stabbing took place near the bar; it’s POSSIBLE he may have thought it’s the same person. All hypothetical at this point.

  11. First, my condolences to Jones’ family, friends, loved ones, and the NYRB’s.

    Second, it would be nice if people kept their unimformed, bigotted opinions, and poor attempts at humor to themselves.

  12. See if I can do this without being called a bigot or something…

    But a shifty (according to a grainy CCCTV video) guy shows up to the airport, buys an international plane ticket with cash (I am assuming it was one way) minutes before departue and the TSA does not slow him up at all? Doesn’t he have to be there at least two hours before an international flight?

    I’m imagining he didn’t have much luggage either. And if he just killed someone and was being chased by the cops, my guess he wasn’t the calmest of guys either. (Not including that in the paragraph above: the stuff we know.)

    Orlando Orea, AKA Orlando Gutierrez, AKA Orlando Estevas, may have brutally killed Mike Jones (AKA Michael Jones, AKA Jonsey) and now he is whereabouts are in serious doubt.

    Can’t wait till I get hassled at the airport again.

  13. the legal, legitimate, working foreigner is slain by a piece of garbage. And of course, we just let the suspect do his thing, with evidence and pretty much admission to guilt is present, so not upset anyone.

  14. A guy shows up at the airport and buys a one-way ticket cash minutes before the flight takes off. Yeah nothing suspicious about that.

  15. This is a terrible story. I’m so tired of seeing stories about innocent lives being cut short. I really hope I read a story, soon, about this scum being caught and brought to justice.


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