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Cosmos hire Savarese as head coach

The New York Cosmos have hired former New York/New Jersey MetroStars standout Giovanni Savarese as the team’s new head coach.

Savarese takes the position after having served as director of the Cosmos Academy and manager of the Cosmos U-23 team that played in the USL Premier Development League.

“With his stature and connections in the New York area, combined with his eye for talent and leadership ability, Gio is the perfect candidate to lead the Cosmos back to the playing field,” said Cosmos COO Erik Stover.

The Cosmos will begin play in the NASL in 2013 and Savarese will be taking on his first professional head coaching job after years as a highly-respected academy and youth coach.

“I know how much the New York Cosmos mean to the local soccer community, understand my great responsibility and am excited about the challenges ahead,” Savarese said. “I’m thrilled and appreciative for the opportunity and look forward to putting together a competitive team.”

Savarese spent three seasons with the MetroStars as a forward, scoring a then club record 44 career goals for the Metros. He spent time as MetroStars head of youth development from 2005 to 2007.

What do you think of this development? Think Savarese will make a good coach?

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  1. Will becks be in cosmos colors or red bull colors? If becks plays in nyc, wow, he will be bigger than LA. Becks will be in fashion shows along with his wife and maybe an E reality show.

  2. From what I know about how highly he was viewed during his time with the Metros as a player and youth coach, it was a loss to the organization when he was let go. Good for the Cosmos. Good luck to him and the organization! Hope to see them in MLS soon.

  3. Yeah nothing says super club like Giovanni Savarese and Hofstra stadium. What a joke. These clowns don’t even exist yet and I already hate them.

    • NYRB are the team that brings in big name aging soccer stars and hires coaches from Europe… they already have that market cornered. Which frankly makes me more likely to root for this version of the Cosmos.

    • I think this iteration of Cosmos wants to draw on the brand of the former “super club”, as you put it, but to operate it’s business in 180° the opposite direction. Build it the right way and only use the financial resources for big players as the final piece in the jigsaw. The least we could all do is let time bear out what type of club the new Cosmos will be, rather than jump on them with assumptions from the word go.

  4. good choice.

    I think the Cosmos will be able to win the Open Cup within a few years. They aren’t going to be gimped by the MLS rigid salary cap. They’ll be able to field a pretty good balanced roster.

    • And if other MLS teams don’t want them, they can sign up some of the players that the Red Bulls just let go, starting with Bill Gaudette.

  5. Don’t know too much about the man but glad to see the club choose someone in house. I hope it creates a similar effect like Ben Olsen at D.C.

  6. An inspired choice. I prefer it when teams develop from the bottom up. The fact Gio has been in the program and has been training youth bodes well for them. Let’s just see how he can hack it professionally.


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