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FC Dallas president arrested in New York, charged with assaulting wife

Doug Quinn, president of FC Dallas, was arrested on Saturday in New York City and charged with strangulation and assault after allegedly hitting and attempting to choke his wife, Elizabeth, according to various reports including this one from the Dallas Morning News. 

Quinn, in Manhattan with his wife for his 50th birthday, was taken into custody after an argument turned violent at the Alex Hotel. Elizabeth Quinn, 46, was treated by paramedics for injuries to her face, arm and legs, and one of her eyes was swollen shut. She was taken to a nearby hospital.

Quinn was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court and posted $20,000 bail for his release on Sunday after spending the night in jail. He’s due back in court on Thursday.

Quinn’s attorneys reportedly issued a statement saying that there is “certainly” another side to the story.

The Quinns live in Dallas and have two small children. Quinn was named the president and CEO of FC Dallas in June 2010.


  1. From the reports, Quinn was obviously the one who was physically violent. There’s no excuse for violence. Period. Add to that the wife “declined” to press charges, but there was enough physical evidence that the NYPD arrested him. It’s sick and it’s sad. My heart goes out to the kids and family. FCD has to remove him immediately.

  2. Maybe this guy worked long hours for years so that his wife and children could have a better life. His dedication to his work resulted in him missing out on family events but in his mind he did it for his kids. He sacrificed for his family.

    Then he takes his wife to New York and finds out she’s been having an affair for the last 3 years behind his back.

    What would you do? I’m sure there’s another side to this story.

  3. Well, I saw the headline and came here to make a FC Dallas joke. Then I read the article and saw that there is no joke to be made. Sick.

  4. Thoughts go out to his family.

    I thought we could finally say “thank god it’s all over” after this nightmare season, and then this happens. If the charges hold, then FCD has to remove him. Seriously, what else does FCD have to put this fan base through?

    As a PR person, it’s insane that we didn’t hear about this from the league or club before now. The number one rule of crisis management is to tell the truth, and make sure it comes from you. By sitting on this for four days, it looks like they were trying to hide it. You knew that they knew about it.

    • It is murky legal ground. Unless he cops to everything then they will likely have to await formal charges and maybe even a resolution to legal charges before they could do much more than the old “placed on leave” kind of reaction. Given that the couple have two small children I’d say it was possible the team didn’t want it in the local papers for more reason than to save their own hide, what difference does it make if it comes out now or if it comes out in a couple weeks in relations to how it will affect the club?

      • When you try and hide things to save yourself, it only hurts you in the long run media wise. A story like this is going to be in the papers no matter how hard you try and hide it.

        For example: Tiger Woods tried to hide it all, and that ended in a disaster. David Letterman aired all of his dirty laundry, and it was mostly forgotten about. Sometimes you have to rip it off quick instead of a slow peel.

    • I wondered why you asked that and then when I reread the article I saw “charged with strangulation”! Jeez, this guy is a real turd.

  5. Piece of trash. There is only one side of the story that matters. This dirt bag sent his wife to the hospital. I hope FC Dallas clears out his desk tonight. If they don’t, I can’t support them with a full conscience.


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