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Lade to spend two weeks training with Sevilla

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New York Red Bulls defender Connor Lade will soon be joining the list of young American players who will spend some time abroad this offseason.

Lade is expected to join Spanish club Sevilla FC for a training stint that runs from Dec. 13-23, the Red Bulls announced on Monday. Lade is the first player from the Red Bulls to have an announced training stint abroad this winter, but he joins nearly a dozen others from around MLS that have, will or are partaking in similar European training visits.

The Red Bulls also announced Monday that Lade and fellow defender Brandon Barklage were signed to new contracts. Terms of the deals were not disclosed, per club and league policy.

What do you think of Lade training with Sevilla FC? Happy to see him and Barklage signing new contracts?

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  1. Can he even get 50 juggles in a row? MLS why don’t we send our best young players over to europe instead of our most average munchkins.

  2. I personally don’t rate him and I don’t think 2 weeks will be enough but isn’t he like 17 he can be a bench player for a few more seasons before being given a spot to prove himself. Atleast redbulls are using their academy.

  3. Lade is an acceptable sub or occassional starter as a winger in MLS but he is most emphatically not a defender. Anyone watching NYRB the last few weeks of the season could see that. Except for Hans Backe that is. The guy tries really hard but that’s about it.

  4. He is very young for MLS. Still pretty raw. But he made some big mistakes but he was pure energy and intensity on squad that seemed to lack it at times. This is good for him and RBNY.

  5. I was pretty surprised at how much of a run he got, especially down the stretch, but there were a lot of injuries I guess? I could see him being pushed up to midfield maybe with a little more success, because my opinion is that when things went bad for him defensively, they went very bad, and quite often – no gray zone, was either doing the job or left badly turned. A very bad sending off during a road game @ New England that should have been 3 points down the home stretch sticks out.

    Pretty good pace, and a very high to exceptional work rate though. I felt I was missing out on what others saw in him maybe, good luck to him always good to see players pushing to expose and improve themselves.

  6. although not a lade fan, hard to fathom “I do not see why they signed him” comment. Unsurpassed work rate at all times on field.


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