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Must-See Goal: Philippe Mexes


  1. beautiful goals.ibra’s goal is more fantastic and this other goal is real impressive because the scorer is a defender and he used much brain to score it.positioning the ball on the chet, calculating the distancce and the goalkeeper’s position plus the power to be used while shooting the ball is not something easy.he must be appreciated.the goalkeeper was well positioned but for IBRA’S case the goalkeeper was offtarget and remember ibra is a striker.ALL IN ALL BOTH ARE NICE GOALS.

  2. I believe most are missing the most important part of not only Mexes shot, but Ibra’s as well. to even try this shot from this distance is not only brilliant, but having the imagination to attempt it is something to be praised. Both goals were obviously fantastic, but we must not lose sight that each players thought process on the spur of the moment was equally fantastic.

  3. It’s funny how Ibra’s goal last week desensitized my eyes to this one. It was great, probably brilliant even, but it still feel sort of “meh” compared to Ibra’s.

    • get real dude. no keeper is going to save that. the keeper is supposed to be off his line there. any ball hit at that trajectory from that spot is going in. especially since the keeper is not anticipating that type of strike

    • The keeper didn’t bother jumping because he knew it was heading either to the top corner or over the bar. Sure, he could have done a hopeless dive to make it look good but that would have been pretty pointless. Perfect shot, perfect goal. No way that’s the keeper’s fault.

    • Nope…not really. Nice goal, but Zlatan’s was further out, he went higher, he’s 6’5″, had less time to think about it and read Joe Hart’s improvised header before he even did it.

      • well the keeper was all the way out on ibra’s goal making it much easier to score, AND mexes set his bike up with a first touch — something ibra did not have to do. ibra’s goal got more attention because it was a goal that you never see (starting with the fact that the keeper was 20 yards off his line), but it was not more difficult than this. i would pick ibra’s goal any day of the week, but mostly because it was kind of fluky and something I feel pretty certain that I won’t ever see again.

      • Sweet goal, but Proto should have saved that.

        Plus, setting up your own bicycle is LESS impressive than one-timing it from a ridiculous distance. Mexes’ goal is a once in a month-type highlight. Zlatan’s is a once in a decade (if not longer) goal.

      • Please, then. Post a goal like this once a month from now on, because I would love to see this more often. A defender taking a touch off the chest, and firing a bike from 20+ yards and dropping it perfectly under the bar and past the goal keeper? Ridiculous.

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