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Solli, Tainio and Keel let go as RBNY shed nearly half their roster


Early reports last week had already revealed some changes on the way for the New York Red Bulls, who were going to part ways with veterans Teemu Tainio, Jan Gunnar Solli, Bill Gaudette and newcomer Jose Angulo.

You can now add six more names to that list.

Stephen Keel, Corey Hertzog, Jeremy Vuolo, Tyler Ruthven, Jhonny Arteaga and Jonathan Borrajo become the latest casualties in the Red Bulls offseason exodus. The roster cuts would not only serve to clear way for New York’s new coach to remodel the side in his image, but give the financial backing needed to do so. Though not all the moves can be considered a cost savings, they total and impressive clearance of $821,255 under the restrictive $2.81 million MLS salary cap

Keel, 29, is perhaps the most surprising of this latest round of cuts. The physical defender was a core asset in Hans Backe’s “cynical soccer” approach during the 2011 playoff run. His antics behind the “Keel Cam” web series cemented his place as a fan favorite. This year, he was limited to five starts in nine appearances with the club.

Corey Hertzog, 22, never really made his mark in New York’s ever-crowded stable of forwards. Known for his relentless work rate in practice, he was able to shine in extended minutes when the Red Bulls loaned him to the Wilmington Hammerheads. However, he couldn’t find minutes on his return to the team.

Tyler Ruthven, 24, filled in admirably during an injury ridden May helping in part to solidify a weakened Red Bulls backline en route to tying a franchise best record five game winning streak. Jhonny Arteaga, 25, failed to capture the magic that made him the top USL Pro goal scorer for 2011 in limited U.S. Open Cup minutes. Red Bull Academy product Jonathan Borrajo, 25, and Jeremy Vuolo, 25, barely made a dent in New York this season.

The Red Bulls have left the door open for younger players to participate in try-outs come January once new management is in place, but have encouraged all involved to seek other options. Don’t expect the veterans to get the same treatment.

There are very few surprises in this first official round of cuts, but there will be more to come. Who’s next? Share your thoughts below.


  1. I’m surprised they let Keel go. I don’t think he could ever be a viable starter but he is a great back up. He is one of those role players you need halfway through the season when a few guys get hurt. That’s what happened this past year and he played admirably.

  2. I’m bummed about Hertzog. As a fellow Nittany Lion I had alway hoped he’d get his shot and impress. I’m sure he’ll latch on to an MLS club and make his mark. All of that talent doesn’t just disappear.

  3. Dump Marquez. Find someone who won’t pick up a red card when the team needs them and can play more than 1/2 the games in a season.

  4. Hertzog is the biggest disappointment, I guess. Drafted just 2 spots behind Will Bruin and 3 behind Sapong, he was supposed to be in their league in terms of talent.

    • Still could be he just hasn’t been given a chance yet in MLS. He led USL in scoring this past year with 12 goals in 21 games. Hopefully some MLS team will give him a chance.

    • I’ll be interested what happens. I saw him quoted somewhere asking for an offseason loan to Mexico. Not sure if that is an opening towards a long term move, or if he is just looking to play ball off season and make the NYRB fulfill their deal.

      Along those lines, anyone know if he has any sort of guaranteed deal or CBA tenure? I’d swear he lacked CBA tenure (3 years), where in theory he could be released for the purposes of next year.

  5. Figured Guadette and Keel will definietly get picked up somewhere else, Solli also probably. Sorry for Hertzog though, hopefully he was saving his, incredibly high salary so he can do with 3rd division european ball for a season before second division elsewhere.

    He wasnt bad, he can definietly go play well somewhere else. His current salary priced him out of any other MLS team plans unless he wants a serious paycut.

    Better to go over seas and try his luck.


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