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Torres transfers to Tigres UANL from Pachuca

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Jose Torres will be plying his trade in Mexico in 2013, but it will not for the club that gave him his professional start.

Torres officially transfered from Pachuca to Tigres UANL on Friday, ending a six-year stint with the Tuzos. No details of the transfer were made available, but the U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder had been rumored to be joining Tigres for several weeks now.

Since making his professional debut in 2006, the 25-year-old Torres has played in nearly 200 games for Pachuca across all competitions. He netted four goals in Liga MX games and also played in the Copa Libertadores, CONCACAF Champions League, Super Liga and FIFA Club World Cup in his time with the Tuzos.

He joins 2010 World Cup teammate Jonathan Bornstein at Tigres.

What do you think of Torres joining Tigres UANL? How do you look back on his time with Pachuca? Wishing he would have moved to a different league?

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  1. Best wishes and hope he’s successful with Tigres than he was at Pachuca. Though I think it would be better if he could be playing on a top team in MLS, being sent to train with top teams in Germany, La Liga, Seria A, EPL etc.
    He is a quick and crafty midfielder, with quick feet and effective passing, able to play either centrally or as a wide midfielder and is left-footed, the kind of versatility we need on the USMNT but playing 154 games with Pachuca and scoring only 4 goals means he needs a change, better training, more exposure. LIGA MX is a very good league but moving from a team 13th in the league to a team in 12th position isn’t that much of an improvement…..with the international connections MLS teams are starting to have, sending players overseas to train and the improvement of our system / level of play (even commented on be Arsène Wenger) I think Torres on a team like LA Galaxy, Seattle Sounders, DC United (pairing with Najar and DERO!!!! talking about entertaining football) or Houston would be better, and that is if all financial obligations are met.

  2. Tigres are a good side. Best of luck to Jose and I hope that this move is a successful one for him. I don’t know that he gets many more chances with the national side but I hope to see him back. If/when he does come back, for God’s sake put him in the center of the midfield and not out on the wings.

  3. I know this wont be popular but if Torres can get playing time again I can see him working his way back into the USMNT. I think he possesses a unique skill set and could thrive if he is played in the correct position. He is not a wide midfielder, an attacking midfielder or a defensive mid. He’s a distributor.

    If Klinnsman is going to keep playing a triangle in the middle Torres would work well next to Bradley with a d-mid behind them and three forwards in front. Torres calms our possession and knocks the ball around accurately. Bradley and the d-mid can win the tackles that Torres will not. I also believe he hits underrated set pieces and has a good shot from outside.

      • You are not making an apples to apples comparison…in additon, sasha has been absolutely absent on the national stage save for the last few minutes he played for the u.s. time will tell with mix but to say that mix is better than torres is a bit much…all 3 of those players dont even share the same role with the national team lol.

      • Torres bread and butter is his passing from the back, that role is already filled by MB. We need an attacking mid, which Torres is nothing close to one.

      • I agree with your first statement, but the Italy match aside Sacha’s had a positive contribution to every USMNT appearance he’s made dating back to at least the 2011 Gold Cup.

        Plus, the Italy match occurred in the middle of the “Are you even watching?” fiasco and his motivation was not quite where it should have been.

    • Honestly he’s pretty similar to Bradley except smaller, weaker, slower, and a worse shot. They would play a similar role out of the back, and we need an attacking midfielder instead.

      The three-man midfield works best with a box-to-box (Bradley), defensive mid (Williams or Jones), and an attacking mid (who knows). That third spot could be Mix, Adu, Dempsey, Donovan, Corona, etc., but we need to start testing some guys out. Either way and I don’t see Torres as an option in the team outside of a back up in case of midfield injury woes. Having he and Bradley in the side together with a d-mid would leave the midfield with no real balance.

      • So which is it with Bradley then, in your opinion? Box-to-Box mid or Deep Lying Mid?

        What Kljestan plays at Anderlecht is a Box-to-Box role and what Bradley plays at Roma is a Deep Lying Mid role, which your right, is the role Torres plays for Pachuca, but the two players aren’t two in the same, with Bradley simply being a superior version of Paco.

        But in the end, it really doesn’t matter because the national team isn’t Football Manager and all i care about is having the most talented, in form midfielders called in for Klinsy to work with.

      • Personally, I’d say Bradley is very much a box to box midfielder for Roma. Maybe that role will change if DDR departs.

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