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FC Dallas re-signs George John

FC Dallas has agreed to terms on a new multi-year contract with centerback George John, the club announced on Tuesday.

John finished out his original MLS contract in 2012, but reached a new deal to rejoin FC Dallas.

John played in 23 matches in 2012, making 19 starts, with injuries limiting his appearances. His 2012 season was a relatively disappointing one after a 2011 that saw him play well enough to earn interest in Europe. He had a potential transfer to English side Blackburn halted for undisclosed reasons, which led to his return to MLS (not before a two-month loan stint with West Ham United).

With John returning, and with rookie Matt Hedges coming off an outstanding first season in MLS, FC Dallas suddenly has one of the better young centerback tandems in MLS. Dallas will now be looking to re-sign Canadian midfielder Julian DeGuzman, though that is not a sure bet at this point.

What do you think of this development? See FC Dallas returning to the playoffs? Think John can play his way into the U.S. National Team conversation?

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  1. I guess I don’t see why any CB with any talent whatsoever wouldn’t be desperate to get to Europe. If you can latch on to a team in a top 5 league, you’re almost an instant starter for the US (see Geoff Cameron). At the very least, you’re a lock for Brazil. No doubt there’s a risk of becoming the next Tim Ream, but if you were confident enough in your ability I don’t think that would phase you.

  2. I thought Hedges was drafted to be John’s replacement when he left for Europe…
    What happened to their other starting CB, Ihemelu?

    • Ihemelu was out with concussion symptoms for the better part of the season. The concussion this year was Ugo’s 3rd or 4th of his career – not good.

  3. Dallas have the beginnings of a playoff team

    Lloyd John Hedges.

    Perez. Shea

    They just need to find 4 more legitimate starters, including GK since Hartman retired, and that assumes Shea will be 100% after foot surgery.

  4. I thought he could of tried to go to a Championship side who might need help or somewhere in Europe where he would be challenged by more technically gifted players like better forwards and much more tactical Creative midfielders….oh well

  5. I understand the John signing. He had an off year, but there is still room to grow.

    I don’t understand why they would want De Guzman back. He has been a flop in MLS.

  6. I wonder if FC Dallas will make any big time moves to help them contend for a playoff berth next season, the only logical target they have at the moment . I’ have heard some rumors from people saying Humberto Suazo was going to Dallas or another MLS team.

  7. Surprised, but plesantly so. Figured he might follow the Robbie Rogers route. (Sign with a Championship-level side, get no PT, get loaned to League One, get no PT…)

    With that settled, should free him up for January camp. Would like to see him there with Gonzo and Besler.

  8. Why MUST such players go to Europe?

    Yes, money of course. But beyond the player’s personal gain, it’s not bad to have players with this guy’s relative talent in the MLS. Certainly not an MLS hater, but it will be a good day when the average back line is comprised of George John-quality players. Not that far off, but we need guys like this to stay in order for that to truly be a reality.

    • Sad yet true. In a decade we might have one of the top 3 leagues outside Europe and 30years after that we may have the best football league.

    • for MLS- good news.
      for USMNT- not terrible news, but not encouraging news either
      for George John- bad news.

      Not that this is the end of the world for John, but this definitely represents stalling at an important juncture in his career. He should take a lesson from Omar Gonzalez on how to bounce back from injury and relaunch a career that was temporarily derailed by dominating MLS. Ultimately, if George proves he’s good enough to play in the Premier League or another top European league, he will still have a chance to make that jump. He has the opportunity to prove that in MLS with this new contract.

      • The guy has a job. He now seems to have his health.

        He still has a platform on which to convince people that he is worth a move to a higher level.

        He is middle aged by soccer standards but he is also a center half and they tend to last a little longer.

        I’m not shedding any tears for him. I’ll bet a large percentage of SBI posters would kill to be in his position.

      • not sure which part of my post prompted the “I’m not shedding any tears for him” response. I was just trying to lend some perspective to his situation. Believe me, I’m one of the “large percentage of SBI posters” who would kill to be in his position. I just don’t see what that has to do with this, I could post that exact same comment on just about every single article on SBI.

  9. i though he was as good as gone. hobbled by injuries maybe. it appears to be good for dallas but don’t see them getting into the playoffs

  10. Makes sense. I hope he can have a better 2013. Not many European teams were looking at him. I actually think Matt Hedges is already better than John.

  11. I think this is a dead end for him, honestly. Unless he just isn’t good enough for international soccer. Maybe Dallas can get it together, though!

    • SMH, These comments say a lot about the current state of US Soccer

      John had minor ankle surgery this off season…not sure how or why you would expect him to try and land a job somewhere other than Dallas (where they know he’s the business) when he’s on crutches. HELLO

      This man has kept his form meter in the good through great range for the last 4 years (something Ives begrudgingly admitted in a Q&A several months ago) all while getting paid league minimum. He then signs a new contract which is likely to place him in the top “$” tier of his position in our league(MLS) and its nothing but doom and gloom for his future according to this peanut galley?!? real sad


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