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Report: O’Brien in talks with Odense BK over move

Conor O’Brien may soon be moving up the food chain over in Denmark.

O’Brien is currently in negotiations with Odense BK after becoming a free agent at the end of 2012, according to a report from Danish outlet Bold. O’Brien spent much of the past two years of his career with fellow Danish outfit SonderjyskE, but is poised to make a move to a new club in the coming weeks after choosing not to re-sign with SonderjyskE.

In his time with SonderjyskE, the 24-year-old midfielder made 45 league appearances and scored seven goals. He played for Danish second division side Blokhus FC prior to joining SonderjyskE.

Odense is currently in fourth place in the 12-team Danish SuperLiga. SonderjyskE is in ninth.

What do you think of O’Brien possibly joining Odense BK? Prefer to see him sign with a different league? Should he just re-sign with SonderjyskE?

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  1. O’Brien really should have been called in to January camp, one of the true snubs along with Nick DeLeon and maybe Chance Myers (not counting Pontius because he’s out with an injury).

  2. Gotta say Scandinavian leagues have been for our boys.

    NOrway- Goodson, Gatt
    Sweden- Davies, Bedoya
    Denmark- Pearce, Califf, Parkhurst, Goodson (was good up until a year ago)

    but MLS may just finally be better than those leagues. Sure a good MLS player can make more there mahbe say 500 K but the league is much worse. Only Denmark stands on the same level.Thus that would suggest MLS is at least a top 15 European league, maybe a top 12

    • MLS remains quite comparable to all of the Scandinavian leagues in most respects, and it certainly is not better at this stage. Many players (often domestic products) from those leagues make the jump comfortably enough into high-level Euro circuits, while for every Clint Dempsey who comes from MLS, there are 8-10 players either like Robbie Rogers, Robbie Findley, or Freddy Adu; or, at best, guys who do OK at second-division levels or lower-caliber leagues like Mo Edu, Jozy Altidore, or Sasha Kljestan. MLS has made plenty of progress in recent years, to be sure, but that’s no reason to overrate its quality of play.

      • Meh. I’m in general agreement, but I think you also have to factor in environment, cultural changes, training changes/tendancies of coaches, etc. – while some Americans adjust to these just fine, others really struggle. Some fans will downplay the these issues, but I think we’ve seen a large enough sample over the years to suggest that they are a factor. By and large, Scandanavian players won’t experience this to the extent Americans will when moving to a bigger Euro league – I think that looking at a league’s exports is a measuring stick, but its not the end-all when comparing levels of play.

  3. wow, just eleven years ago O’Brien was starring for the USMNT in Korea/Seoul, they could really use him as a creative force in midfield now…

      • Is it bad that whenever I see the name “O’Brien” and “soccer” anywhere near eachother, I expect a story telling me about how John O’Brien has somehow on the verge of reappearing on the scene just as startlingly quickly as he disappeared from it?

  4. I have to sadly say, he isn’t even on my radar. Anyone know how he plays/if he has a chance of suiting up for the US team any time soon?

    • Many who keep up with American players overseas are very high on him and were surprised that JK did not call him up for the Jan. camp.

    • I was bitterly disappointed he was not in the January camp but given his club situation I now understand. I think he does have a future with the USMNT. The question is — now or later. Conor is a very gifted player that can play a variety of different roles, all from the center of midfield. He’s been used as a classic #10 playing right behind the strikers, some as a d-mid but he excells playing as deep lying player maker. He can absolutely ping the ball around the park quite accurately. He’s very good at opening up to receive balls from the backline and immediately spearheading an attack. Conor carefully and confidently possess the ball and tries not to waste any pass. He has a wicked shot from outside the area and can make that late run into box to create havoc. I think he’s a very different player than what we currently have in our pool and I would love to see him introduced. Time is ticking with the Hex so hopefully we’ll see him.


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